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Advancement works the same for CoF as it does in Fate Core. That is, you can change your character at Milestones. Below is a quick summary.

Minor Milestone
You always can rename a moderate consequence to a recovering aspect. You can do one of the following:
  • Swap any 2 adjacent skills.
  • Swap one stunt for a different stunt.
  • Rename an aspect that isn't your High Concept.
Significant Milestone
You gain the benefit of a minor milestone. In addition you get both of the following;
  • Gain one skill point.
  • Rename any severe consequences to recovering severe consequences.
Major Milestone
You get the benefits of both the minor and significant milestones. Plus you get:
  • If you have an extreme consequence, you can rename it, freeing up the extreme consequence slot.
  • Gain one point of refresh.
  • Increase a skill beyond the skill cap, if you wish, thus increasing the campaign skill cap.
  • Rename your high concept aspect, if desired.