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Metaphysical Task Force

Fire Arms[edit]

Standard issue: Weapon | Range | Damage | Capacity Beretta 92S handgun | 3/10/20/60/120 | D6x4 | 15 shots

Agents are equipped with rubber bullets due to the minimal training requirements to use these guns. As such, the weapons do Endurance damage (with 1 of every 4 points done also being Life Points damage) and do not do double damage after armor. Agents with 2 levels or more in the Guns (Handgun) Skill can be certified as competent with the weapon. They are allowed a clip of "live" normal ammuniction in addition to the normal bullets.

Other Equipment:

  • Head-mounted commsets Encrypted, with range up to 5 miles.
  • Digital/Cell phone Unlimited minutes, any time of day. Personal use is discouraged.
  • Government vehicle The agency currently provides one Ford Crown Victoria for each pair of agents. It is equipped with a V-8 and skid plates like their police counterparts.
  • Laptop For those who wish it, each agent is entitled to the use of one specially set up and protected laptop. Agents are not to alter the provided sofware or store mission-critical information on these. They are meant as a convenience, only, not as a professional-grade hacking tool, or as a replacement for computers available at the office.

Special Issue[edit]

Weapon | Damage | Note

Bokken | D8xStrength | May be used 2-handed. Damage is D8x(Strength+1) in this case. This weapon can be used to deal non-lethal damage. It's typically carried only by Nami Kato.

Katana | D10xStrength | May be used 2-handed. Damage is D10x(Strength+1) in this case. As a slashing/stabbing weapons, the damage is doubled after armor. This weapon is currently only used by Nami Kato

Weapon | Range | Damage | Capacity

Remington 870P (12 ga.) | 10/30/50/100/200 | D8x6 (buckshot or lockshredder) | 8 shots