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Creatures originally of Norse and Germanic mythology, the alfar nonetheless exist as fae beings. They are well known for their enchanted bows and arrows; "elf-shot" is capable of inflicting a number of magical effect such as sleep, pain, and even paralysis. In addition, alfar are known to play tricks or afflict people with nightmares or inconveniences such as hiccups.

Alfar are typically human sized or perhaps a little smaller, with long, delicately pointed ears. They tend toward mischief and easily insulted, but are not inherently evil. They might belong to either Seelie or Unseelie courts and might be an interesting choice as a PC, probably using the fair one template to help describe the character.

Cross-breeding with mortals is certainly possible and "half-alf" descendants can have impressive magical abilities.

The Erlking

Many alfar do not choose to join a fairy court. Instead they follow a male "elf king". Male alfar are rather rare these days, and often directly related to the Erlking, who is said to have many sons and daughters, "princes and princesses of the Alfar". Female alfar are often referred to as elf-maids. The Erlking rules in the Fae Realm known as Alfheim.

Common Aspects

  • High Concept: A Fair Alfen Maiden
  • Capricious and Easily Offended
  • Entrancing Dance
  • Sleep-inducing Elf-shot (use when using Shoot to create advantages involving putting someone to sleep or unconsciousness)


  • Shoot
  • Athletics
  • Rapport
  • Craft
  • Stealth


Elf Shot
Gain a +2 to create advantages relating to tranquilizing or putting someone to sleep using the Shoot skill.