Ancariis Constantus

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Name: Ancariis Constantus


Physical Stress: ❑❑❑❑ Mental Stress: ❑❑❑❑


Aspects Skills
Crusader Knight Captain +5: Fight, Rapport

+4: Lore, Physique, Shoot
+3: Contacts, Deceit, Resources, Will
+2: Athletics, Craft, Empathy, Notice

Roguish Charm
Friends Both High and Low
Elemental Arcanist
Familiars Include Alfina and Hermes (water and fire elementals)

My Trusty Warhorse


Master at Arms
When Constantus succeeds with style on an attack, he gains a full scene aspect with a free invoke instead of just a boost.
Ear to the Ground
Whenever someone initiates a conflict against him in Rathport, Constantus can roll Contacts against a Fair (+2) difficulty. If successful, he automatically goes first in the conflict because he got a tip-off that it was coming.
The Right Words
Constantus is adept at knowing just what to say. You may use Rapport in place of Contacting when attempting to gather information from people.


Defender of the Faith
(Morningstar.) This weapons is a master crafted item, balanced and made to fit the hand of the Knight Captain. It grants a weapon:2 bonus upon a successful attack.
Crusader Armor
This custom set of heavy armor provides an armor:2 bonus when successfully attacked physically. It represents a high level of quality craftsmanship. Permanent sigils utilize low magic runes tied to high-quality steel bars located in the Temple to give it unparalleled maneuverability and near-unbreakable strength. Only forces strong enough to shatter that steel bar can break the breastplate of this armor. Thus, there is no Heavy Armor aspect that may be compelled or invoked against the wearer, as the weight and mass is shunted to the steel bar. If somehow the breastplate itself is broken, so too will the steel bar shatter.





He is married to Laberia Secunda, daughter of Quintus Laberius Persicus. She is now Laberia Constantia, having dropped “Secunda” from her name.

Constantia has had a remarkably soothing, calming effect on Constantus. While still driven by ambition, her presence in his life has tempered him. She might have an aspect such as, “The Rock in the Storm”. During the night of the Death Squads, she almost died when she threw herself in the way of an attack meant to slay her betrothed. Constantus has never forgotten that and while he avenged her sacrifice, her dedication to him touched him deeply. The deathly attack has permanently affected her health and she has a permanent “Delicate Constitution” as a result. In her eyes, Constantus is a hero meant for greatness. It is only her duty to see him achieve his potential.

It took Constantia nearly a year to recover from the grievous injury she sustained, and another to regain some of her former strength. She remains thin, a delicate beauty, but continues to recover.

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