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Dappled-Sun-Through-Olive-Trees (Olive) Windchaser was a decorated war-mage in the elven Celestial Aethines. She saw the power of magic-users in battle and wanted to extend some of that power to the foot soldiers. She developed the wand of Arcane Evocation of Earth Missiles that came to be known as an arcevearth (or, sometimes, a kinetostone).

It is a one-use wand that, when the magical trigger is pulled, fires a high-speed stone at an enemy within the same zone as the user as a Good (+3) attack. As long as you dabble in any school of magic you can use the arcevearth, but it requires evocation (earth) to reload it.

It has found wide usage in the military forces of the Royal Hegemony and made Mrs. Windchaser very rich. There are several variations to the standard one-shot arcevearth: the double-barrelled version that has two shots before requiring reloading, and a long-range version known as the Riffle-Windchaser (attacks targets in adjacent zone) developed by Mrs. Windchaser's associate, a goblin named Riffle.

Costs 1 Stunt to have some on your person.