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Auryth Main Page[edit]

Aurtyth is a world of shifting balances where external forces continue to push and pull against one another seeking dominance. For the denizens, this means a dynamic and dangerous history of sudden upheavals. As a result, the mortals have to be flexible and adapt to each situation, learning whatever they can without any constraint but time.

This is a high fantasy setting containing most of the typical features we have all come to know and love in our games. The races and types of magic are directly taken from the Bare Bones Fantasy rules, and thus provide a unique flavor to the world (and also why a new world is being created to match). Follow this link here to purchase the rules from DriveThruRPG.

A unique feature not inherently tied to the rules set is the triumvirate nature of deific powers and the unusual balance and interaction of their power. There are gods of Light and Dark and the Titans who actually crafted the world and set it into motion. Players can choose to access any one of them for power, though that choice may have other consequences. Those who follow the Gods are called Priests or Priestesses while those who favor a Titan are called Furies.

Specific links to the different sections are to be placed below. For now any link can be added. eventually, I may put in some structure to organize the page (like grouping like pages together to keep the navigation easy.

Auyrth Gods of Light - here is a description of each of the six Gods of Light

Auryth Gods of Darkness - here is a description of each of the seven Gods of Darkness

Auryth Titans - here is a description of each of the Titans, the original architects of the world

Auryth Races - here are some details on the races available to players

Auryth House Rules - general listing of the House Rules being applied to the BBF core for the campaign

Auryth Geography - overview of setting (with maps) and links to specific locales