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These bandits might be of any racial background; if it's important, feel free to add a racial skill or aspect to reflect who the bandits are. Below is a bandit typical of the few roads that weave their way between the older cities of Gallea and Faeln.

Physical Stress:

Mental Stress:
  • High Concept:Hand It Over Bub!
  • Trouble: Paying the Price of Doing Business
  • Might Makes Right
  • Looking Dangerous Is Being Dangerous
  • Nose for Trouble
+4: Provoke
+3: Fight, Contacts
+2: Athletics, Burglary, Physique
+1: Deceive, Drive (Ride), Shoot, Stealth
Spurs and Leather
You can get more out of your mount with liberal application of the spur or slap of leather. You gain a +2 to any actions in a chase scene, but with the cost that your mount will take a consequence at the end of the scene. If your mount has already taken a consequence, or cannot take consequences, then your abuse will likely kill it - but at least you have a chance to escape justice, a posse, or angry victims.
When you use Stealth to place aspects relating to setting an ambush ahead of an encounter, those aspects provide a +3 bonus when invoked instead of the usual +2.

Light Leather Armor. This well-worn armor provides one free invocation for defense.

Short Sword. This may be used as a finesse or martial weapon. Optionally, a bandit might simply use a hand axe as a martial weapon instead.

Short Bow. A bow suitable for use from cover or from horseback.