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Name: Lady Gráinne Rathia Calvi


Physical: ❑❑❑

Mental: x❑❑


Refresh: 1 ( 0 )


Calvi is tiny -- for a night elf. She stands 5'7" in bare feet, a full five inches shorter than the average female night elf. Her slender build puts her weight at 120 lbs. She has dusk - colored skin, the cool, blue-grey color of a cloudy early evening sky. Her eyes are a pale shade of violet and her rich, black hair marks her relative youth for her race at 49 years. Her hair is kept trimmed to shoulder length and no further.


Night Elf Sorceress and Assassin

A Dragon Soul Is Bound to Me -- And I Hear Its Whispers

Dangerously Alluring Temptress

Practical to the Point of Amorality

Level-Headed and Calm in Any Situation


Superb (+5): Fight
Great (+4): Rapport
Good (+3): Athletics, Deceive, Notice, Stealth
Fair (+2): Burglary, Crafts, Provoke, Physique
Avg (+1): Contacts, Empathy, Lore, Resources, Will


Striking Appearance.
In a situation where Gràinne can use her looks to her advantage, she gains a +2 bonus. This specifically aids attempts to seduce and applies in cases where attraction is a factor.
Smooth Over.
Your character is adept at stepping into a bad situation and dialing it down to something more reasonable. So long as you are not the direct reason someone is upset, your character’s attempts to calm them down using Rapport receive a +2 bonus.


Lady Gráinne Calvi of the Shield Maidens (Wife of the Prince, leader of the shield maidens. Ally group.)

Night Elf (+5, Race Skill) w/ Fae Shadow Magic
Shaping (+5, Body)
Glamour (+3)

Dark Sight
(Racial stunt) You can see in absolute darkness, but cannot distinguish color in such low lighting.
Tentacled Horror
(Fae Shadow Magic). Make physical attacks with Fae Shadow Magic that have weapon:2.
Looming Shadows
(Fae Shadow Magic). Affect an entire area without needing to pay an extra cost to do so.
(Glamour). You can make illusions that are “real”. So weapons or creatures created with Glamour do very real, physical stress. A merchant might bite a gold coin that is a seeming and find that it is real. Success with a create an advantage action will usually cause the seeming to last for a scene. Exceptional success can make it last until the next sunrise or sunset.
Shapeshift (Dragon Form)
Shapeshift into the form of the dragon, Ignavoraxis. Allows a reshuffle of skills. She is of Giant scale in this form, but she also becomes a different person not under the control of the PC.
+5: Fight
+4: Physique
+3: Athletics, Notice, Provoke
+2: Crafts, Burglary, Deceive, Will
+1: Empathy, Lore, Rapport, Stealth
Physical Stress: ❑❑❑❑ (break into locations if interacting with person scale things: head, torso, left arm, left leg, right arm, right leg, tail.)
Mental Stress: ❑❑❑
Breath Weapon.
Use Physique in place of Shoot to make a Breath Weapon attack, when in Dragon Form.
This is a scimitar that, when a consequence is inflicted, gains the aspect, Thirst for X where X is the name of the target. It appears with one free invocation and the aspect remains until the target is dead or Thirst tastes the blood of another target.
Horror Ward Armor.
Once per scene, invoke to provide a bonus to defense against mental attacks. Note this armor comes in several pieces to match the armor in the character portrait. It also acts as standard Leather armor (one free invoke per session).


Aside from Thirst and Horror Ward Armor:

  • Throwing spikes
  • Dagger
  • Medium blue dress for fine occasions
  • Fetching lady of the night outfit. Made of cloth webbing and silver clasps. Includes a sheer, silken wrap for (limited) modesty. Totally inappropriate wear for cultured folk.
  • Flexible wardrobe
  • The Dragon Collar. Once used to keep Calvi imprisoned, it was modified, transforming it into a vessel for the soul of a dragon that is unleashed when she takes dragon form. Her Trouble aspect can be compelled to have the dragon Ignavoraxis force the change and take over.

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