Campaign Dials

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General Campaign Dials[edit]

Number of Aspects 5
Number of Phases 3
Skill Cap Superb (+5) for Experienced Game
Skill Pyramid Use skill pyramid for character creation.
Refresh Rate 3
Initial Stunts 5
Stress Tracks Mental and Physical
Default Stress Boxes 2
Default Consequences 2/4/6 +Extreme (8) possible.


Academics Crafts Melee Rapport
Athletics Deceive Notice Resources
Brawl Drive Occult Shoot
Burglary Empathy Physique Stealth
Contacts Investigate Provoke Will


☒ Fae magic skills and stunts
☒ Spellslinger magic skills
☒ Therianthrope stunts
☒ Vampire skills and stunts
☒ Descent

Options in Use[edit]

☒ True Names
☒ Predator Aggression
☒ Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing
☒ Feeding from Vampires
☒ Primal Offspring
Vampire Weaknesses
☒ Holy Symbols
☒ No Reflection
☒ Gold*
Therianthrope Vulnerabilities
☒ Silver
☒ Cold Iron
☒ Cinematic Combat

Vulnerability to Gold[edit]

Vampires in the Mythic setting are vulnerable to gold, so long as it is properly prepared and of a minimum purity of 12 carats. To prepare the gold, it must be "forged in fire" and "quenched in holy water". This seems to infuse the metal with the power of belief and create a symbolic link with fire and the sun. Gold leaf or atomized versions of gold do not seem to retain the symbolic link and so do not appear to be effective against a vampire.

Gold meeting the requirements above can be used to place some variety of Gold aspect. It must come into contact with a vampire to be useful. The Gold aspect might be on an item that is somehow used as a weapon and invoked for extra damage. If gold is used to damage a vampire, any stress and consequences can only be healed in the usual way following the rules in Fate Core.

It can also be used to restrain, so long as the gold remains in contact with the vampire's skin. When used this way, the aspect can provide a bonus to grapple or other restraining action when invoked. In addition, so long as the vampire is in direct contact with the gold, he cannot regain physical stress and consequences. Finally, a vampire cannot spend stress (mental or physical) to activate vampire powers while in contact with the gold.

When this specially treated gold is first used against a vampire in any scene, there is always one free invoke available.

Removing a golden restraint can be difficult for a vampire. In order to do so they an overcome action must be taken. If the person that placed the restraint is present, then it's likely that action can be actively resisted. If it is not actively resisted, base the difficulty on how much gold is present. A small quantity of relatively pure gold used to restrain a vampire could have a Fair (+2) difficulty to overcome. A large quantity might have a Great (+4) difficulty. And, if other restraints are used in addition to the gold, that can increase the difficulty another point or two.