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Hero City was built from the ashes of an alien weapon, which accidentally plummeted to earth, destroying a number of small towns in south western Pennsylvania. For years the public was told that the destruction was caused by a meteor. Eventually the truth came out, and proof told a different story. The alien weapon was found to be a device that aimed at a particular genetic code. Fortunately for the people of earth, the device was not set for the human genome. However, many theorize that the weapon was the cause of future mutations, giving rise to many of the worlds first super powered titans.

It was decided that the devastation needed to become a symbol of hope and ingenuity; to become a symbol of what we could achieve as a society, and honor those who lost their lives in the seemingly random act of horrific destruction. Decades past and eventually, Hero City was born. It's spiring towers of engineering marvels proved that we could do better as a steward of this planet. The self sustained city, became a place of new sciences and wonders of renewable technologies. Truly, this was a place of the future.

The Watch

Hero city has had a history with those of extraordinary abilities. Through the good and bad, the people of Hero City struggle through life, just trying to stay out of the way. many groups of super powered individuals and teams have made their mark in this spectacle of a city. The Watch, was the first team of superheroes to take on the responsibility of protecting the city. Eventually, their heroics would take them into space where their sacrifice ended up saving the world... The world knew nothing of this heroic act, but with the teams sudden disappearance, many stories and books continued their legacy with rumors of heroic deaths and deeds to save the inhabitance of this planet.

The Liberators

A few years passed and people felt the void The Watch had left. Villainy became increasingly bold and few heroes remained to help with this fight. The United States government decided to take the advice of a few noted experts and start the Liberator project. The idea was to take selected candidates from the penal system, whose records indicated a lack of true violent behavior, and rehabilitate them to use their abilities for the good of the world. The first generation of Liberators became exactly what the program wanted them to be and eventually was released to become the next super team in Hero City. Three generations of Liberators passed when eventually the news of the program became public. Opinion was mixed and eventually the program was shut down. Because of this, it wasn't long before the new team in Hero City disbanded and disappeared into legend.

The Present Day...

Hero City continues on, dealing with mounting criminal activity. A decade has passed since the influence of the last hero team, which has demanded that the local law enforcement step it up. New technologies have helped, but in the end, they still fall short of doing their job effectively. Rumors of heroes coming forth to "save the day" have surfaced. The press keeps the people hopeful of new defenders by investigating these rumors and making them more than myth. So, the fair people of Hero City continue with their daily lives, looking to the sky and with hope filled eyes, dream of what might be.