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Character creation rules.

  • Use Optional Skill Point system:
    • Base alotment is 15 pts for Gifted, Spirits and Undead (including True Immortal and Bast); 20 pts for Lesser Gifted and Lesser Supernatural; 25 points for Mundane.
    • + 3xIntelligence points (inf Int 0 or lower, then you get +1 point)
    • -5 points if younger than 18
    • +5 points for every ten years over 30 (but also subtract 2 points from Attributes)
    • Characters with Supernatural longevity (undead, spirits, characters with Age quality) get a flat +5 points for skills no Attribute reduction, +bonus for Age Quality.
    • +1 for each level of Resources or Status Qualities, whichever is higher. No bonus or penalty for Resources or Status Drawbacks.
    • Since this is a Heroic campaign, the character also gets the following bonuses based on character type: +10 pts for Mundanes, +7 pts for Lesser Gifted and Lesser Supernatural, and +5 pts for Gifted.
    • Example: Sarah is a 37-year old Gifted with Int 4 and 3 levels of Resources. This would give her 15 for Gifted plus (3x4) 12 points for Intelligence, +3 points for Resources, and +5 for the campaign level. She would not get +5 for her age of 37 because to have a bonus for that, it requires at least an age of 40. The total number of points for skills she has is 35 pts.
  • The Greater Gifted character type from the Book of Hod is not allowed.
  • The Enlightened Quality is also not allowed at the start of the game. This may change in-game or for characters created much later.
  • The PCs should keep track of the total XPs spent. New characters created after the game start will start with a base character, then will be spotted an amount of Freebie Experience equal to half of the highest XP Spent of any of the existing PCs. I'm doing this so that, should your character die, you don't have to start completely over. But since you can spend Freebie XPs on anything (and therefore really focus the character in particular things), I don't want to give starting characters as much experience to spend before game start as the current characters.

Agent Character Creation Guidelines:

  • Must be human.
  • Must have Humanities (Law) 2
  • Must have Investigation 1

MTF Consultant Creation Guidelines:

  • May be any racial type.

Field Judge Creation Guidelines:

  • Must be 35 or older
  • Must have Status 3 or better
  • Must have Resources 2 or better
  • Must have Influence 2 or better (strings are usually pulled to get the job)
  • Must have Criminology 3
  • Must have Investigation 3
  • Must have Humanities (Law) 4
  • Must be Human.

Available Covenants Starting characters may originate from a number of different covenants. Most, however, are likely to have been Solitaires identified and recruited by the MTF directly. Sometimes, certain covenants will only "loan" members to the MTF as Consultants.

The MTF does not train its agents in Occult powers. They are expected to have the training already, or get it from their own Covenants.

Allowed Covenants:

  • Cabal of the Psyche
  • Fellowship of Judas (Consultant only)
  • Ghost Dancers (Consultant only)
  • House of Thanatos (Consultant only)
  • Knights Templar (Usually under "cover" posing as a Solitaire, with secret mission to keep tabs on the MTF for the Knights)
  • Order of Shambalah (Consultant only)
  • Rosicrucian
  • Solitaire
  • Society of Assassins (Special cases, only, and usually strictly Consultant — and then the association is usually temporary)
  • Storm Dragon
  • Twilight Order
  • Wicce