Chasing Fire

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Name: Chasing Fire

Description: Now living in the northern edge of Santa Fe with his mate, Rey Lafitte, Chase is now pack beta for the Stormfront Pack of Santa Fe. His relationship with Kiera long behind him, he is dedicated to Rey and their new life together in a large mansion. Once a lone wolf, he's found himself drawn into a pack along with its politics as well as Fae matters -- most of which still confuse him.

Physical Stress: ❑❑❑❑ Mental Stress: ❑❑❑ +1 extra physical mild consequence.


Aspects Skills
HC: Feral Bounty Hunter +5: Brawl, Stealth, Physique

+4: Empathy, Melee, Occult[1], Shoot
+3: Athletics, Burglary, Crafts, Drive, Investigation, Notice
+2: Academics, Contacts, Provoke, Will

Origin: An ex-Police Detective
Spirit Pack (A group of nameless spirit allies. Use 3 Good (+3) characters. They can be called at will.)
Mated to Rey, Who Carries His Mark


Feral Shape Changing
A bit painful. Change to a wolf. +1 to Physique for overcome and create an advantage actions.
Experienced Shifter (Feral)
Shift any time, not just during the 3 days of the half moon.
Claws and Jaws (Brawl)
Gain Weapon:2 in animal form for teeth and claws.
Scent Supernatural (Notice)
Supernatural creatures smell different to you. You can use the Notice skill to detect whether a subject is a supernatural being or not by scent. This won’t necessarily tell you what type of supernatural being the subject is; use normal Empathy and interaction for a chance to determine that.
Lie Detector (Empathy)
As long as you are in person with someone, you can determine whether that person is lying by carefully noting their scent, heart rate, perspiration, and subtle changes of tone and inflection. You gain a +2 bonus on Empathy rolls to detect lies. This is a re-skinned version of Lie Whisperer from Fate Core.


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  1. This skill is used for very specific therianthrope rites that create advantages or summon spirits.