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In this setting, everyone is assumed to be wearing high tech armor and shielding unless your character is not an Agent or has some kind of Primitive aspect that prevents the use of advanced technology. Current armor is a match for damage dealing weaponry, so weapon ratings and armor ratings tend to wash out; none are needed here. However, if you find yourself in the circumstance of having no armor, you are much easier to be hurt or killed and are at the mercy of the environment.

Attacks against unarmored targets gain a +1 bonus due to the advanced targeting programs all weapons have, and on a successful hit gain 2 shifts of extra stress.

Armor, by default, includes an Augmented Reality (AR) interface. It's also capable of enclosing the character's head in a protective force bubble as needed, and can supply air for a couple hours without requiring a recharge, making it valuable even in a vacuum.

That said, some special armor enhancements are available for especially well armored or high tech characters. Special armor starts at a Fair cost +1 per aspect or special feature.


Cloak. This armor is capable of putting up a camouflaging field that makes it more difficult to spot your character. Invoke this aspect to gain +2 to Stealth rolls.

ECM. This armor contains advanced electronic countermeasures. Invoke this aspect to gain a +2 to your defense roll against incoming ranged attack from modern weapons.

Heavy Armor. Should you take stress that would normally roll up because you have already used that stress box, you can ignore the stress. So, if your second stress box is already marked off and you take another two-stress hit, your armor sinks the damage.

Jump Jets. Allows maneuvering in microgravity environments. Invoke to gain +2 to Athletics rolls involving movement. The jets can also be used as a weapon in Melee and this use does not require an invoke.

Nano web. This is both an aspect and a feature and so bumps the cost by +2. The armor contains medical nanites capable of sealing physical wounds and stitching the character back together. Once per scene, convert a physical consequence to a mental consequence reflecting the drain on your nervous system as your body is flooded with endorphins and drugs that force your body to repair itself. Spend a Fate point to invoke this aspect and make a Physique roll with a +2 bonus to overcome the physical injury. If successful you not only convert e consequence to a mental consequence, but reduce it one level. So a Moderate consequence will become a Mild, a Mild will be removed.

Powered Armor. Invoke to gain a +2 to Physique rolls involving feats of strength.