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Tools and devices that provide Augmented Reality (AR) are available everywhere. Whether a visor with a HUD, or contact lenses feeding updated information on the environment around you, AR is available in any number of forms. All PCs can, and should, have access to AR devices. They can assist with anything from aiming at a moving target and projecting trajectories, to providing a recipe for lasagna. AR devices typically attach to any wireless network available, even a MindWeb, unless they are specifically shut down.

AR is indispensable in combat situations, but can also be a point of vulnerability. For this reason, combat-rated AR systems are used. These utilize heavily encrypted communications and tight-beam signals to avoid interceptions and detection. They can be put in stealth-mode and hidden or encrypted such that they are nearly impossible to detect or hack. However, the best security in the galaxy is only as good as the people using them. No AR system can protect a user from foolish or incautious use of an AR in a combat system. In short; don’t broadcast your position to the enemy.

AR devices are ubiquitous and usually do not require any special interface to be built into the user’s body (though some will do so anyway in order to increase efficiencies in communication and systems manipulation).