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Character creation for a Confederacy of Planets game is as described in Fate Core and the rules are not reproduced here, except for the following options.

Options and Extras[edit]

Characters in a Confederacy game have the option to select a race other than human. This might open the way toward unique experiences. The galaxy is a vast place with millions of worlds that could support life. The potential for playing a different race is here, and might be anything you can imagine. Perhaps Confederacy raced are mostly humanoid in your game. Or perhaps there are completely inhuman creatures struggling for freedom against the oppressive Galactic Federation.

In addition, some characters might be eligible to select special skills and stunts, provided they have a related aspect. This can reflect special training, special abilities, cybernetic or biological enhancements, and specialized martial training.

Advanced Character Creation[edit]

Instead of using the default skill pyramid of one Great, two Good, three Fair and four Average skills, you can take 20 skill points and spend them as you like. However, no skill may be made higher than Great, and you must stick to the “columns” rule described under character advancement.

Character Ideas[edit]

See the Extras section for guidelines on creating your own race. General concepts should work with any race. Here are some examples.

  • Engineer
  • Medic
  • Pilot
  • Scientist
  • Scout
  • Soldier
  • War Hacker