CoP: Designing Races

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Come up with a name for your race and then jot down four descriptive aspects. When you take the race for your character, it uses just one aspect slot, but do write down the extra four descriptors.

For example, you might come up with a race called the Cybekka. You decide they are Diminutive, Half-Synthetic Life Forms, that have exceptional Cybernetic Systems Affinity, but tend to be Fragile. You could record your new species like so:

Cybekka (Diminutive, Half-Synthetic Life Form, Cybernetic Systems Affinity, Fragile)

Humans could be represented as:

Human (Ubiquitous, Creative, Stubborn, Charismatic)

A good design for an alien species will include one or two aspects that can be a disadvantage as well as aspects that can be advantages. In this way, your species aspect can earn you Fate points via compels.

You can also mix your racial aspect with an indication of your characters function in her society or relationship. For example you could have:

Cybekka Nobility (Diminutive, Half-Synthetic Life Form, Cybernetic Systems Affinity, Fragile)

If your character exists only as a ghost in the machine, a Translated Sentient Intelligence, this can be expressed with a racial definition as well. You might use the following:

TSI (bodiless†, sense via MindWeb, housed in a quantum computer, unnatural state of being).

†Unless you aren’t. If you’ve been installed in a synthetic body or vehicle, you should reflect that here.

One note about TSI characters. The mind gets used to its housing, be it a synthetic body or a starship. Should the character need to be uploaded into a radically different body, this can be traumatic. The GM should require the PC to accept an Extreme Consequence when this is done to reflect the massive adjustment and change in perspective this will require. Alternately, the character may purchase a stunt for each additional body or vehicle after the first they can upload their mind into at will.