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This game uses a number of special features unique to the setting. From Creditsto Starships, you’ll find some unique extras detailed in this section.

Starting Equipment[edit]

Everyone starts with equipment sufficient to be able to do their jobs. The rule here is that if the character has an aspect or skill describing a capability, and that capability requires tools or other equipment, then the character has that to start with.

Some equipment might have costs other than Credit. Specialized equipment might cost any combination of skill points, aspects, or stunts. These costs must be paid, regardless whether it is in the character’s concept to own them or not. This is because they have a significant game impact.


Resources, you’ll find, is not a skill possessed by Confederacy characters. Instead, we use a concept called Credit. This is not “credits” like in some science fiction worlds which double as another name for “cash”. Instead, Credit is a rating of your character’s worth to the faction to which you belong. The greater your worth, the more resources you can access. Acquiring resources means your Credit takes a hit. But accomplishing missions, recovering enemy equipment, or otherwise helping your faction increases your Credit.

Gaining Credit[edit]

When you gain Credit, you’ll be given a bump to your Credit. This can be an increase of between 1 and 5 called a “bump”. Make a hash mark next to your Credit score for each bump you get. When you get to 20 or more, erase 20 hash marks, increase your Credit one point, and you can begin again.

Spending Credit[edit]

If you purchase items less than your Credit rating, your Credit takes no appreciable hit. But if you purchase something at or above your Credit rating, roll the Fudge dice. The target number is equal to the Credit cost of the item you are buying. If you make the number, then you can purchase the item, but take a credit hit equal to the Credit cost of the item. This means you must erase hash marks equal to the Credit cost of the item. If this would more hash marks than you have at your current rating, then lower your Credit score and give yourself 20 hash marks. Then erase a number of hashes equal to the Credit cost of the item.

There is a limit, however. Even if you make the Credit roll, you can only purchase items with a Credit cost equal to or less than twice your Credit score.

All characters begin with a Credit rating of 1.

Boosting Credit Rolls[edit]

It’s possible to boost Credit rolls by invoking aspects, whether they are permanent features of your character, or part of temporary aspects granted by the GM as a result of successful missions. Often, salvage missions will result in temporary aspects that can be invoked to assist with Credit rolls. Even thought this does not mitigate the cost to your Credit score, this can still help with achieving the roll needed.