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These might be tossed, or more commonly, fired from a launcher attached to a gun. Either way, use the Shoot skill. They must be purchased individually. Purchase a single grenade for the listed cost, a box of four for +1 to the cost, 16 for +2 to the cost, etc.

Stun grenade. This grenade applies a Stunned aspect to everyone in the target zone. Athletics rolls to avoid this happening must be greater than the attack roll. Those affected can shake off the Stunned aspect by making a Physique roll versus a Great (+4) difficulty, or when the scene ends. Cost Fair (+2).

Tangler. A target affected by this grenade is given the aspect, Bound. Although the initial attack might be avoided with a successful Athletics roll, once Bound, the only way to escape is to make a successful a Physique roll versus a Great (+4) difficulty or wait until the end of the scene, when the bonding polymer breaks down. Unlike most grenades, this one affects only a single target. Cost Average (+1).

Explosive. This grenade affects everything in an entire zone. It does raw damage with the usual bonuses against unarmored targets. Cost is Fair (+2).

Demolition Charges. These extremely powerful, focused explosives are typically used to break open blast doors and hulls of starships and larger scale things. They have limited use in normal combat, but may be a required item in order to overcome security obstacles such as the aforementioned blast doors using the Intrusion skill. Cost is Good (+3).

Incendiary Grenade. This grenade also affects an entire zone. Use athletics to leap to cover or safety. Targets that take stress also gain as On Fire aspect. In fact, the entire zone is considered to be On Fire. The On Fire aspect on individuals may be put out by taking an appropriate action. Cost is Great (+4).

Smoke Grenade. This grenade does no damage but will place an Obscure Sight aspect to an entire zone. It provides an active defense versus Notice or Investigation attempts to peer through the smoke. The smoke remains for the scene or until air flow directs it away. Cost is Average (+1).