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There are some stunts here that don’t fall under a skill heading, but are useful when designing characters of larger size than usual. Some of these stunts were inspired by the Limitless Horizons supplement. Some small changes may have been made for Confederacy. The supplement was not designed for Fate Core but is nonetheless very useful when designing any Sci-Fi game for Fate.

Large Ride. You are the size of a vehicle capable of carrying teams and other personal sized vehicles and equipment.

Starship Weapons. Requires Large Ride. You can affect starship size targets, but can do little else other than support a small team.

Huge Ride. Requires Large Ride. You are the size of a starship. You can contain other starship size vehicles and smaller vehicles. You might have crews of five to five hundred. You are equipped with weapons and defenses if you have skills and/or aspects to support them.

That's No Moon! Requires Huge Ride. You are the size of a small moon or planet -- big enough to have your own gravity well! This puts you at astronomical scale and are capable of housing and support crews or populations of thousands to millions.

Custom Equipment. You can have an item that has a special aspect that you define in addition to any other aspects the item might already have. You can invoke this aspect for free once per scene.

Payback’s a Bitch. When you take a physical consequence, pay a Fate point to make an immediate return attack against the one that hurt you. This must be a Melee attack.

Reputable. Due to your reputation, you can boost your Credit by +2. Taking this stunt more than once requires GM approval.