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PCs and major NPCs can take one of several roles during a conflict involving starship and larger vessels. These include:

Pilot. Can maneuver the vessel to create advantages as well as avoid attacks (defense).

Shields. Can manipulate gravity shields to deflect attacks.

ECM. Use electronic warfare suites to defend against weapon locks, mask presence, and assault enemy systems. This position can make use of the Intrusion skill for assaults and Systems for defense.

Fire Control. Use Systems to create advantages such as Missile Lock, Tracking Target, etc. Such aspects can be invoked by gunners.

Power Control. Route power to assist the Pilot, Shields or ECM systems. Roll your Engineering skill; the chosen position may use either their own roll or yours.

Guns. Any other characters may use their Shoot skill to fire the ship's weapons. Each target, however, can be attacked by just one gunner. Most starships can make a maximum of five individual attacks, but ships with exceptionally large crews and power plants may allow several gunners to work together using the Teamwork rules. So, a Gunner with a Good (+3) Shoot skill assisted by two other Gunners with the Shoot skill can make a single attack at a Superb (+5) skill.

Guns could also be used defensively to lay down suppression fire or to knock out incoming missiles. For any incoming attack, only one defense roll can be made regardless of the number of Gunners.

Changing Positions[edit]

Characters may spend an exchange changing roles. So, a gunner can shift to shield control, or a pilot may take command of ECMs.

Vehicle Damage[edit]

Ships or other vehicles described as characters take damage like a normal character (stress, consequences, etc.) Instead of Mental stress tracks, a ship might call it Systems stress instead. In this case, use Systems in place of Will to determine bonus stress boxes and consequences. Damage to a ship that isn’t physical might be rare, however. Vehicles that are PCs (for example, might be housing a TSI) continue to use Will. Use Systems stress only for machines that do not have a guiding sentience.

Vehicles or starships that are not described as vehicles should be assumed to have two stress boxes and can take up to three consequences, if used by PCs or main NPCs. It is possible for a vehicle to take an Extreme consequences if the vehicle is also a PC itself. Assume the vehicle can take up to two consequences if used by a supporting characters, and no consequences can be taken if used by nameless characters.

When a vehicle takes stress, the occupants can be rattled, too. Shifts done to a vehicle are used as an attack versus the Athletics skills of occupants. If occupants are at “battle stations” or strapped in, they gain a +2 bonus to this roll. In addition, if a vehicle takes a consequence, all crew and passengers must take a consequence of a similar level.

Vehicles and Devices[edit]

At game start, PCs each gain an extra aspects or stunt and skill points they can spend on a vehicle or device. They can either purchase their own vehicles, or can pool them together to create a single, kick-ass vehicle. Additionally, they can spend any number of their own aspects, refresh or skill points on top of this free allotment.

A PC has the following they can contribute to their custom vehicle: +1 Aspect or +1 Stunt

+2 Skill Points

Ideas for special vehicles include a frigate, freighter, fighter, mobile battle suit, speeder, main battle tank, etc.