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With the advent of fabricators, most industrial production is a thing of the past. Building whatever you need is now merely a matter of purchasing a pattern or design called a template and running it through a fabricator. Some templates, especially weapons, armor, or anything military are restricted. On many planets, unauthorized production of restricted equipment is met with serious consequences.

Fabricators cannot manufacture energy, however. So, items that must be powered to function will depend on attaching or installing a battery or some other power source.


Instantaneous communication is available in any technologically advanced system. Utilizing quantum entanglement radios. In this way, information systems, data, and communications can happen instantaneously throughout a single solar system.

At interstellar distances, however, there is a high level of interference that prevents the same technology from working. Therefore, information and updates for the MindWeb are carried between star systems by starships. These ships have massive capacity in their local MindWeb instances. When a starship enters a system, an electronic handshake occurs for identification purposes and then data is exchanged and updated. This happens automatically without requiring action on part of the starship’s crew or in-system station engineers.

Because starships carry their own MindWeb instances, it is possible to access this data network even when the ship is far from advanced civilizations whether that means during q-space travel or when visiting and mapping new star systems.

Computers and AI[edit]

Extremely advanced quantum computers are prevalent. Expert systems, which are not self-aware, perform duties that can assist people in everything from cooking dinner to advising on fashion choices. Self-aware software is produced from copies of successfully translated, living minds into software that exists, memories and all, entirely within the MindWeb. These minds have the same limitations as the species from which they came. They are designed to handle a single point of view at a time, and optimized for concentrating on only a few tasks at a time. Biological minds are also built to handle feedback from a body and the environment, so when this is gone, there is a significant chance the mind cannot cope. Some minds have the strength to do so and survive to be placed in a synthetic body, or put to use guiding starships and other vehicles, weapons, and the like.

Although the Federation treats these Translated Sentient Intelligences (TSIs) as full members of the Federation, Confederacy values mean that this is not the case on all worlds of the Confederacy of Planets. It is up to the local beliefs and cultures to define laws regarding the status of these TSIs.

Space Travel[edit]

Travel at hyper-light speeds was determined to be possible by Munin. Therefore, Hugin designed an engine capable of pushing a mass beyond the speed of light. This engine essentially generates a door to a dimension that exists beyond the speed of light, called q-space. Everything in this dimension exists at patterns of energy; the q-space engine translates mass into this energy and back again. Calculations for translating ship mass and energy into q-space and back again is vastly complex and changes continuously because the total mass and energy of a ship changes. Even more difficult is predicting safe exit points from q-space that won’t throw a starship through an existing mass at near-light speeds. Even a fine dust, when struck at such speeds, would result in a deadly disaster.

Because of these challenges space is navigated in starships guided by sentient minds. These are normally created from copies of successfully translated human minds that have attained a high level of stability and sanity and given skills and knowledge appropriate for the handling of whatever ship it will be uploaded to.


Medicine technology is very advances. Cellular rejuvenation is available that can reverse the effects of aging. Most known diseases can be treated, and damage done to bodies can be mended.

Damage is usually repaired by use of tiny synthetic nano-machines that make use of any available materials (even themselves) make the repair. These are usually referred to a nano-medics and can be delivered in the field by those equipped with them. Some suits can be upgraded to carry them.

When a nano-medic treats a physical consequence, it is converted to a mental consequence instead. This removes any physical impairment, though at some cost to the patients nervous system and/or overall energy level. Some suits carry even more advanced systems that can go even further. See the NanoWebs in the Extras section on Armor upgrades