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All ranged weapons can run out of ammunition, be it from an energy pack, metal bar from which splinter are carved and accelerated, or slug-thrower ammunition. The GM may compel an Out of Ammunition aspect any it seems reasonable to do so. This does provide the affected player with a Fate point (unless the compel is refused, which requires the affected player to buy it off with a Fate point of their own).

The cost for weapons starts at Average (+1) for Melee and Fair (+2) for ranged weapons. Add +1 for each special feature or aspect after the first.


Anti-vehicle. Invoke to attack starship scale targets. Once used, the weapon is automatically Out of Ammo.

Burner. Invoke to place On Fire aspect.

Full Auto. Invoke this aspect to increase damage by +2 or to gain a bonus to create an advantage to place aspects like Covering Fire. Compel this aspect to place Out of Ammo.

Large. Reduce cost by one. Compel when trying to hide the weapon, gain initiative in you or use with one hand.

Small. Invoke when trying to hide the weapon or prevent its discovery. Ineffective against sensor scans.

Subdermal. Invoke when trying to prevent the weapon's discovery. Compel when used to place a Fatigued aspect on user.

Homing. Invoke to gain a +2 to hit your target.


Silent. Reduce damage done by two. The difficulty to notice the weapon’s fire starts at Fair (+2), but this can be increased by placing aspects. Careful placement (hiding use Stealth), and being a long way from the target can both add aspects that will increase the difficulty for someone to notice the weapon’s fire.

Ammunition Aspects[edit]

Slug thrower weapons (whether propelled by chemical reaction or electromagnet) can be loaded with non-standard ammunition.

Shredder. Invoke for a bonus on damage at close range; compel against damage at long range.

Penetrating. Tend to do more damage to hard targets, but less damage to soft targets. Invoke or compel as appropriate.