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Prerequisites: Elemental - Earth, and the Craft, Science, Mechanic, or Engineering Skill to build the item in question. If the item requires electrical power, the spell also requires the Elemental - Air Invocation.

This spell can be used to summon a single, non-unique object into existence. For instance, you could summon a cell phone into existence, or even a specific brand of cell phone, but you could not summon John Smith's cell phone into existence. Nor would this spell provide you with celluar or digital phone service.

Failure to Dismiss the spell may result in either the standard effect, or the creation of a Cursed Item (details subject to the GM rule, using the amount of Essence used as a guide).

The base Essence cost is equal to the the mass of the object, in kilograms, with a minimum of cost 1 Essence. The item may have additional costs related.

If it is a simple/primitive item with no moving parts, it costs no extra Essence to create. If it is simple, but has moving parts (such as a crossbow), it costs +10 Essence. If it is a modern item with moving parts and some degree of technical know-how (such as a handgun) it costs +15 essence. If it is an item of high technology but no moving parts (such as a cell phone) it costs +20 essence. If it is a high-tech item with some moving parts (such as a computer equipped with a hard drive, cd-rom, etc.) it costs +25 essence.

Remember that the character must also have the skill related to the creation of the object. If the character chooses to make a Skill Task roll (this requires an action as he visualizes the components and the end result), he will benefit by reducing the cost to create the item by 1 Essence per level of Success on the Task roll.

Duration is the same as for stuff like Whirlwind and Dust Devil: 1 minute (but can be maintained by spending the essence again). The Invocation also ends the moment the Invoker puts the item down or gives it away.

To make an item semi-permanent or permanent, use the Empowerment spell.

Gems can be summoned into existence with this power and made permanent, but they retain little value other than for use as crystals due to their "manufactured" look. They would be identified as an "industrial" equivalent and therefore have only a fraction of the relative worth.

Precious metals may be conjured in the same fashion. However, note that the market value per ounce is based on a very pure form of the element in question. This should require Metallurgy skill, and a good skill roll. It would be regarded as a "high tech" item with +20 essence required to empower it. Since it costs 7 permanent Essence to make the summoned mineral permanent, it is far more economical simply to spend those experience points on increasing the Resources level of the character.

Mystical materials such as Adamant and Orichalc cannot be created with this spell. Magic items charged with Empowerment or other ritual are never considered "non-unique and therefore cannot be created with this spell.