Cult of Nero Assassin

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Name: Cult of Nero Assassin

Description: Usually these assassins are beautiful, tattooed men or women. Absolutely loyal to Nero, they enforce his will through murder and deception. These characters are very significant and should always be named. They have a minimum of 2 Fate points, but will usually be higher assuming the GM has had NPC concessions, invokes against NPCs, etc.

Refresh: 2

Physical Stress: ❑❑❑❑(❑❑) Armor:1 Mental Stress: ❑❑❑❑


Aspects Skills
HC: Deadly Vampire Assassin and Disciple of Nero +5: Brawl, Deceive

+4: Melee, Physique, Provoke, Will

+3: Athletics, Notice, Resources, Shoot, Stealth

+2: Investigation, Occult, Streetwise

Origin: Deeply Conditioned for Absolute Loyalty to Cult
Unfeeling Skin [ritual tattoos can be invoked to ignore 2 stress delivered by an attack]


Walk the Walls
Spend a Fate point to walk on any surface without penalty for the rest of the scene.

Vampire Stunts

Animal Shape
Mark off one mental or one physical stress box to take the form of a wolf.
Night Eyes
See at night in the dark without penalty, except in total darkness or while blind.
Primal Claws
Pay 1 physical stress. Brawl gains Weapon:2 bonus. (But see Supernatural Strength below.)
Supernatural Strength x2
+4 to Physique rolls to break inanimate objects. +4 stress on Brawl attacks (can add to Primal Claws, above). Costs 1 physical stress.
Resilience x2
Pay one mental stress to gain +2 stress boxes and Armor:1 for the scene.

Shotgun (Weapon:3)

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