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Cybernetic prosthetics are used when a limb or organ is damaged too much to be repaired and must be replaced. The synthetic prosthesis performs all the functions of the body part it replaces. This is the easiest kind of cybernetic implant to get used to, since it's just making your body operate in a way that is already familiar. Prosthetics don't add any new capabilities, but allow heroes to overcome limitations that might befall them should they have to otherwise live with a lost limb or other body part. An aspect that notes the character has cybernetic prosthetics is all that is necessary to reflect their presence.


Cybernetic augmentations go much further than simple prosthetics. They allow people to transcend normal human limitations. There is usually also a cost in terms of both resources and humanity. In Fate this is reflected with Refresh and/or Stunt slots. After game start, someone who wants a cybernetic augmentation will also be able to come up with a Resources roll high enough to cover the item and surgery, then likely spend time in recovery as well. An aspect reflecting that the character has cybernetic implants is necessary as well.

Augmentations let the character be faster, stronger, tougher, equipped with hidden weaponry and electronic gadgets. Some people will even cut off or remove perfectly good body parts in order to gain these advantages. If they can meet the cost, they are free to do so.

A character with cybernetic augmentations is referred to as a cyborg. Since that word is easier to say, we'll refer to characters with these augmentations that way.

At minimum a cyborg requires two things. First is the aforementioned aspect reflecting the fact they are a cyborg now. Second, a cyborg must have a cyber-heart installed to power augmentations. The primary purpose of a cyber-heart is to store up energy produced naturally by the body within a capacitor that is then tapped by an augmentation when extra power beyond that normally provided by a human body's bio-electric currents is needed. This means there is a second mechanical cost to the character; a cyber-heart costs 1 Refresh.

You can install and use other cyber-augs. The heart also acts as a backup for your natural heart and filters impurities and toxins from your blood. If you’re subject to a poison or toxin, spend a fate point to ignore it. If you’re ever killed by something the cyber-heart could conceivably save you from, spend a fate point to concede instead of being taken out.[1]

List of Augmentations[edit]

From here on, augmentations are referred to as augs for short. They come in a variety of forms and rate as either minor augs or major augs. You can start the game with either or both and pay their Refresh cost with either your starting Refresh or even stunt slots. Gaining them later will cost Resources, Refresh and time.

'Prothetics requires an Average (+1) Resources roll to have installed, but since they don't do any more than a normal body part, there is no Refresh cost.

Minor augs cost just one Refresh for every three minor augs, with a minimum cost of 1 Refresh. So when you buy your first minor aug, it costs 1 Refresh, but you don't have to pay another point of Refresh until it comes time to pay for your fourth minor aug. Minor augs don't do much more than just a basic prosthetic. They might provide cosmetic changes or minor bonuses in restricted circumstances. If you buy a minor aug in-game it requires an Average (+1) Resources roll +1 for each additional minor aug you are getting installed.

Major augs cost 1 Refresh each. These are things like replacing an entire limb or organ, or anything that attaches directly to your brain. They normally provide a significant bonus in a narrow field of use, or a minor bonus is a wide field of use. Most relate directly to the use of specific skills and that is reflected in each entry. You need a Good (+3) Resources roll for each and every major aug you get after game start.

Remember that because your character is a cyborg, your cyborg aspect can be compelled in situations where your implants might restrict you. Such compels should affect implants.

Example Augs[edit]

Body Modifications[edit]

See above.
Dermal Plating
Gain Armor:2. This absorbs 2 points of stress that would be inflicted by a physical attack. If this would reduce the damage to zero or less, the attacker gains a boost instead. You may spend another point of Refresh or stunt slot to purchase Dermal Plating II, which gives you Armor:4 instead.
Muscle Fiber Enhancement
Gain +2 bonus to Physique rolls to overcome physical challenges that makes use of raw strength, or to create advantages employing the use of raw strength.
Nerve Booster
When figuring initiative, the character with this aug goes first. If there are two or more characters with this augmentation, then determine initiative as normal among them. In addition, the character gains +1 to any Athletics rolls involving balance and quickness. This can apply to defense rolls as well as create an advantage or overcome rolls.
Skeletal Hardening
Your Physical stress boxes are shifted up one point in terms of what stress they can absorb. For example if you have three stress boxes, [1] [2] [3], then this stunt makes them [2] [3] [4]. Thus, you don't have more stress boxes, but each box can absorb more stress. In addition, you gain a Weapon:1 damage bonus when making unarmed attacks. Spending 2 Refresh or stunt slots on this gives you Skeletal Hardening II. This lets you improve your Physical stress boxes two steps and you gain Weapon:2 when making unarmed attacks.
Subdermal Armor
You can oppose most physical attacks using Physique—fists, blades, truncheons, and small arms fire have trouble getting through the plating beneath your skin. In addition, once per scene you may ignore any one mild or moderate physical consequence from such an attack.[2]
Thermoptic Camouflage
You can spend a fate point to become invisible to the visual and thermal spectrums, for as long as you don’t move.[3]

Medical Systems[edit]

Embedded Oxygen Dispenser
This gives a limited, internal air supply. It lasts one scene, but then must be recharged before it can be used again. This requires 24 hours, or it can be quick-charged for an Average (+1) Resources cost at a charging station (more commonly found with diving gear on properly equipped boats or near docks).
Endorphin Max
This is an aspect-like effect. Spend a Fate point to activate it for physical defense rolls or spend a turn activating it with a create an advantage action using Will to get a free invoke.
Immune System Booster
Activate this system to gain Immune to All Known Contagious Diseases for one scene. Activation costs a Fate point, or you can spend a turn activating it with a create an advantage action using Will to get a free invoke.
Nanite Doc
Attempting to begin healing Physical consequences normally requires a roll using an appropriate skill (Physique, Academics, etc.) against a difficulty equal to the value of the consequence. However, when trying to do this by yourself, the difficulty is usually increased by +2. Getting a Nanite Doc implant waives that +2 penalty.

Organ Replacements and Accessories[edit]

Chameleon ID
This illegal implant allows you to alter your digital identity to that of another person. Gain +1 to Deceive rolls involving creating and using an identity not your own.
Cybernetic Ear Enhancements
You get a +1 bonus to hearing-based Notice rolls. You can choose the shape and other cosmetic attributes of your new ear. In addition, you can choose one of the following aspects. Adding an additional aspect is another minor aug.
Secure Radio Transceiver • Sonar • Ultrasound Sensors
Cybernetic Eye Enhancements
You get a +1 bonus to sight-based Notice rolls. You can choose the color and other cosmetic attributes of your new eye. In addition, you can choose one of the following aspects. Adding an additional aspect is another minor aug.[4]
Glare Shield • Image Filtering • Low-Light Vision • Sonar Imaging • Targeting Interface • Thermal Imaging • Visual Net Interface • Zoom Magnification
Neural Interface
You can access the Net from anywhere, with a thought. You can hack low-security systems automatically—they just do what you want them to do. Even high-security systems are easy—you get a +2 to Computers rolls to get through them.[5]
Slave Soft
This "aug" should actually be taken as an Aspect. This is a program that is downloaded into a subject's mind by way of a neural interface. It can be done as punishment for serious crimes, or it might be inflicted as part of an anti-hacker defense for the truly unlucky hacker. The aspect is compelled to direct the behavior of the victim according to the wishes of a person or group. Slave Soft could be installed as a result of a Taken Out result or capture. Few take this aug willingly (unless a player is looking for a roleplay challenge).
Synthetic Skill Chips
By sacrificing your own memories, you can make room for "skill chips" that grant a bonus to skills -- even if you don't currently have any points in them. By giving up memories of the past 10 years of your life, you gain a +3 bonus to a single Academics specialty. This works like the Academics stunt but with a higher bonus and the cost of gaining a 10 Year Amnesia aspect. You can have a +4 bonus to a single Academics specialty instead by taking a Total Amnesia aspect. Amnesia aspects can be compelled any time something relating to your past might come up, be it failing to recall, or meeting someone that knows you but you do not know him.
Vehicle Link
Gain a +2 to Drive or Pilot skills rolls when operating vehicles equipped connect to vehicle links.


Cyber Arm
One or both of your arms have been replaced by more powerful cybernetic arms, and your joints reinforced to handle the extra load you can carry. Thrown weapons have a range of 2 zones and you get a +2 to Physique rolls made to lift or crush. In addition, pick one of the Cyberlimb Add-ons below. Additional add-ons are each a minor aug.
Cyber Leg
Both of your legs have been replaced by much more powerful cybernetic legs. You can move two zones as a free action, and you get a +2 to Athletics rolls made to run or jump. In addition, pick one of the following add-ons. Additional add-ons are each a minor aug.[6]

Cyberlimb Add-ons

  • Hidden Compartment: You’ve got a compartment where you can hide things, like a hand gun or a brick of cocaine.
  • Magnetic Grip: If you’re standing on a metallic surface, you can’t be knocked down. You can also walk up steep or even vertical metallic surfaces, albeit clumsily.
  • Pneumatic Kick: If you kick someone, your kick is Weapon:2.
  • Pneumatic Punch: If you punch someone, your punch is Weapon:2.
  • Weapon Mount: You can mount a weapon such as blades or a hand gun directly into your cybernetic limb. It folds neatly away into a compartment so that only an intensive search, probably using an x-ray machine, can detect it.

Cyber Weapons[edit]

Monofilament Cord
This retractable cord is extremely fine and strong. Used as a weapon it cuts through most substances with ease. Treat this as a Weapon:2 item that ignores armor up to Armor:2. Beyond that, the armor is molecularly strong enough to resist even a monofilament cutting device.
Razor Nails
You’ve got one-inch, razor-sharp blades that pop out of your finger tips; you can retract them at will. These blades are Weapon:1.[7]
These deadly blades or spikes slide out from forearms (or other appropriate body part) and can be employed to lethal effect. They provide Weapon:2 benefits as well as a Deadly Slicer aspect for the character.
Weapon Link
This is a direct interface for use with a smart weapon. This is usually an upgrade for a firearm. Using the weapon link allows the user to literally "see" where the weapon is aimed. This grants a +2 bonus for create an advantage actions using the Shoot skill to place aspects such as Target Lock.

Prototype Systems[edit]

All prototype systems carry the aspect Prototype Cyberware. In addition to the fact that the character's Cyborg aspect can be compelled to reflect systems failures or other problems, Prototype Cyberware is especially prone to failures or unusual quirks. In addition, some corporations might go to great lengths to get their claws on advantage tech.

major x2 (requires 2 Refresh or stunt slots)
This experimental cyberware integrates the inhuman processing speeds of an advanced expert system with electronic optics and boosted reflexes to create a terrifying new breed of close combat warrior. Enhanced eyes observe in exacting detail the capacities of a given target while a cyberbrain analyzes, calculates, and predicts millions of potential outcomes based on the growing pool of data, from most likely to highly improbable, and then transmits the best of all possible actions to the spiked nervous system at speeds several orders of magnitude faster than organically possible. Odin Mk 1 thus provides the user an uncanny insight into her opponent and an almost preternatural ability to neutralize incoming attacks before the enemy has even begun to fight.
The cyberbrain and eyes work in conjunction to tag and track all units within the visual field as either allied, hostile, or unknown with blue, red, and yellow boxes respectively. Planned upgrades to Odin would link the user as a node in the battle-space network and provide realtime updates about friendly and enemy movements across the managed area, even units outside of visual range thanks to dispersed users, UAVS and other drones, etc.

However, the Mk I isn't without its flaws. Processing and storage limits in this early version mean only 1 target can be studied and undermined at a time. To switch focus to another target requires purging all accumulated data and predictions about the current target. Also, too many variables can cause a system crash.

Bonuses include the same as those provided by the Nerve Booster, above. In addition, the character gains a +2 to Notice rolls using sight and use of a Targeting and Analysis aspect.

Targeting and Analysis System The benefits can be invoked with a Fate point or after spending a round observing a target. This then grants a free invoke with the aspect.


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