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Cyberpunk Rules for Fate


By Dustin Evermore

With substantial contributions by:

  • Joshua Clark
  • Cale Montgomery
  • Katheryne Stripling
  • All the players of the CyberReich/Cybershards PBeM game

Welcome to the bloody world of CyberReich! This place, overrun by science without morality and dominated by a ruthless institution determined to control the globe, is the dark backdrop against which the bright light of heroes flickers in a valiant attempt to bring hope to the innocent.

These rules are meant to bring you up to speed in playing in this world with a minimum amount of fuss and with less than a half-hour of reading. These rules are compatible with any Fate Core game, but work best with those that have a modern or futuristic setting. We call the rules and the core setting itself Cybershards, but may refer to the setting also as CyberReich as this is what we have called the PBeM game that uses these rules most often over the years. Since these rules are being used in Dustin Evermore's CyberReich PBEM campaign, you may find all kinds of extra characters and rules available here as they were designed during more than ten years of online play.

Many cyberpunk genre games have an assortment of terms whose meanings are not obvious to those who may not be intimately familiar with the setting. In addition, you may find terms that refer to the game system itself which you may not be familiar with. To help you understand the game, watch for words in bold. Appendix I: the CS Glossary at the end of this rules set will give definitions for these terms.

Note: These rules are now on editable wiki pages. If you make changes or additions to these pages, place a note on the Discussion page so we can see who has added what. -Dustin Evermore

These rules build on top of the Fate Core System rules. The SRD website is available here.

Table of Contents[edit]

Heroes: Creating a Cybershards Character in Fate


Psychic Powers


Electronic Warfare

Weapon Frames

Character Options

Clones and Cloning

Professional Packages