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Cyborgs are meant to be a very rare character type. These people require the use of uniquely advanced technology, or have a special ability that allowed the transition to occur. For instance, the Mindhack Sight ability from The Garden of Eden (external link) (cache) and/or Mindcurrent Sight ability from the same source might be a requirement first.

The only human portion of such a cyborg is the brain, itself. As such, the character may retain or have access to The Sight, but cannot channel essence. Thus all other metaphysics are unavailable to this type of character.

Starting Characters

Cyborgs have 15 pts for Characteristics, 15 for Qualities (and up to 10 points of Drawbacks), 25 points for Metaphysics (these can be used to purchase Special Cyborg Powers), and 25 points for Skills, unless using the Optional Skill Point system.


Other than Special Cyborg Powers and Vulnerabilities, cyborg characters can purchase The Sight.

Common Cyborg Powers and Vulnerabilities

A base 10 points gained the character senses equivalent to those of Gifted in terms of sensing essence. This is because so far, in the MTF universe, only Gifted with The Sight have survived a transition to cyborg status (and in the current campaign there is only one "working" prototype). In addition, the base 10 points grants the following advantages and vulnerabilities:

  • No Endurance Secondary Characteristic. Cyborgs run on a cold fusion (can't be exploded) power cell, and therefore never tire. They also cannot be knocked unconscious using the optional rules for nonlethal damage.
  • The brain must be constantly supplied with oxygen, so breathing is still necessary. However, the amount of organic material left is so small that eating is barely necessary.
  • Cyborgs cannot swim. They are much more dense than human counterparts. Drowning is a real danger, and most cyborgs are afraid of water, even though their systems are not subject to shorting out. Figure their mass to be twice that of a human of the same dimensions.
  • Cyborgs cannot heal damage. Any damage taken to a cyborg's "Life Points" (which may really be more accurately referred to as Damage Capacity, but is figured the same) cannot be healed. It must be repaired at a fully outfitted cybernetics repair facility. Torn synthetic armor skin, wires, circuitry, and servos cannot simply be repaired with a soldering iron in the field.
  • Cyborgs are also vulnerable to Electrical and Magnetic attacks. Double any damage after reductions for armor.

They also have the following Common Powers:

  • +2 to all Physical Characteristics (Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution)
  • +1 to Intelligence (computer subprocessors assist the human brain in running the cyborg body). This may also represent additional on-board data "storage".
  • +5 Speed
  • Armor Value 3
  • Retractable titanium fingernail claws: D4(2)xStrength Slashing damage. They also provide a +3 to climb any surface.

Cost: 18 pts.

Special Cyborg Powers and Vulnerabilities

  • The Sight
  • Claws Upgrade. D6(3)xStrength Slashing damage. Costs 1 point.