Marquessa Davena Ancaria Nonia Reguli

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Name: Davena Ancaria Nonia Reguli


Physical: ❑❑❑

Mental: ❑❑❑❑


Refresh: 4 ( 4 )


Knight of Rathport, Marquessa of Southern Reaches


Dame Ancaria Davena, Knight of Rathport

I will reclaim what my family lost!

Not Your Average Rathport Woman

We're not out of this yet!

Ally of Chicahuatl (lava elemental)


Superb (+5): Fight
Great (+4): Craft, Empathy
Good (+3): Athletics**, Lore, Rapport, Will**
Fair (+2): Investigate, Notice, Physique, Resources
Avg (+1): Contacts, Deceive, Ride, Shoot


+1 to Melee defense when outnumbered. +1 stress dealt when fighting 2 or more nameless NPC's.
When your character successfully hits in a Fight attack, you can choose to forgo causing stress and instead pay a fate point cause a Consequence. This can be done just once per opponent per encounter.
Demoralizing Stance.
As a trained fighter, you are able to adopt a stance that makes it unequivocally clear how capable you are of handing someone his ass. Whenever displaying your fighting stance or techniques, you may roll Fighting instead of Intimidation.
Speaks Avonian, Goblin, Dwarvish, Elvish, Giant, Primordial
Master at Arms.
When you succeed with style on a Fighting attack, you gain a full scene aspect with a free invocation, instead of just a boost.
When a character leads his fellows while in the thick of battle, he gains a +2 to create an advantage using Melee — provided his followers take his orders and there is an existing aspect on the scene or enemy she can take advantage of.


Aspect - Dame Ancaris of Ancaris Tower and Sheriff of Dun March (Properties - Giant Scale)

+3: Defense (roll vs. attacks)
+2: Scouts
+1: Resources, Soldiers, Staff

Dreamstone Amulet.
Gain +1 to defend actions using Will or Athletics. Spend a Fate point to gain the Dark Sight stunt as per the available stunts option for Night Elves for a scene.
Blackwood Shortsword.
This weapon is carved from an especially hard and rare magical wood that grows in the heart of swamps. It's especially effective against undead. Spend a fate point to: Automatically destroy a single nameless undead creature or send a creature of Shadow back to its home realm, and improve the damage bonus to weapon:3 when attacking undead. Gain the weapon:2 bonus against any other target. And it counts as a Finesse weapon!


Light shield. (1 free invoke per scene)

Night Elf Spider Silk Armor. (1 free invoke per session). With cutouts revealing the cleavage between her well-supported breasts and her taught, muscled abdomen around her belly button, the form-fitting spider silk armor is a deep, blood ruby red. Her heeled boots and gloves match the armor.

Broadsword. (Hand Weapon)

Composite Bow. (Missile Weapon)

Whip. (Finesse Weapon)

Adventurers Pack. Note: consists of a bedroll, flint and tinder, backpack or sack, a belt pouch, some food, a couple torches or a single lantern, and a waterskin.

Other Inventory

  • Gold jewelry set with Amber - Necklace, ring, earrings, engraved gold bracelets. A Good (+3) treasure - bought for D to wear. D doesn't carry these with her.
  • Partial Plate Armor (3 free invokes per session)
  • War Horse (Galata)
  • Barding (for war horse) (2 free invokes per session)
  • Banner with House Ancariis' coat of arms on it
  • tabard in House Ancariis' colors, with the main part of the device on it

Properties Owned

  • Davena's Tower (north-west of Rathport)
  • House in Rathport
  • Dun March (property of the Sheriff of the Eastern Marches)

What Davena Knows About Green Hags

  • Carnivores that aren't picky about what or who they eat
  • Usually work in groups of 3
  • Prefer to capture females alive in hopes of turning them into hags. This is because there is no such thing as a male hag -- hags are made, not born.

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