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The Stone and Iron kingdom of Darrok stands as a testament to dwarven determination. For those fortunate enough to visit the dwarves of Darrok, after several days of traveling into the snowy mountains, one will eventually find themselves in the fjord or Darrok Mòrr. An Iron wall protects this city and seems small at first glance as many of the finely carved stone buildings and homes blend into the side of one of Darrok's mightiest peaks. Of course to experience the full nature of Darrok Mòrr, one must venture into the Iron Gates of Darrok and see the city that continues into the mountain's heart. The breathtaking view of Darrok Mòrr, as you venture into the mountain, is where the majority of the dwarves live and work. Only citizens are allowed, unless invited, through the Iron Gates of Darrok. Such a invite is considered an honor. Darrok Mòrr is inhabited by a population of roughly five thousand dwarves and outside the Iron Gates, serves as a meeting place for those who seek trade, council, or engage in diplomacy. For most this is as far as they will experience dwarven hospitality.

For those fortunate enough to enter the Iron Gates of Darrok, they may discover something more to this secretive Kingdom. Heavily guarded and located at the far side of the city, there lies the the Baern bridge. This bridge leads down into a large underground tunnel-way that continues for two days travel on foot. The entire time one walks at a slight downward slope into the depths of this great mountain. This massive tunnel is well guarded by the Mythrial Ax and for those traveling, an assurance of safety. At the end of this tunnel-way, lies the gates of Mordan. Crafted of Mythrial and precious gems, the gates are a sight behold. Beyond these gates one realizes that Darrok Mòrr is not the true hearth of the Darrok Dwarves.

Carved deeper than the eye can see, the vastness of what the Dwarves call Darrok Kòrr can make the most learned person stop to catch their breath. The city of Darrok Korr is the true home of the dwarves. With a population ranging around twenty-five thousand, Darrok Kòrr symbolizes the life and soul of the dwarven race. So deep into the mountain, they built their kingdom with defense in mind and go to great lengths to protect their people and it's wealth. Those not of dwarven blood rarely see this sights of Darrok Kòrr.

Cultural History[edit]

Dwarves of Darrok Mórr[edit]

The following is a description of a typical point of view or value of a dwarf from Darrok Mòrr.

  • We are the open door of trade for our people.
  • You can only trust a dwarf to keep the defense of our home first.
  • We value honest trade and good company.
  • We cannot fully trust the Mooidjeen.
  • We may be merchants, but we're merchants with axes!

Dwarves of Darrok Kórr[edit]

The following is a description of a typical point of view or value of a dwarf from Darrok Kòrr.

  • We put the security of our people first.
  • We might be a bit stubborn...might.
  • You call it paranoid, we call it perceptive.
  • We learn so we can build.
  • We love a good meal... and good drink.

The Mooidjeen[edit]

Before the Healing, the dwarven race was as shattered as the world itself. Tainted by the blood of a fallen titan, a group of dwarves became twisted and evil and in time became known as the Charred Ones. The Charr Empire grew as a malignancy in the rock of the world, their only motivation seemed to be destruction and pain to any they encountered. Long wars raged with their dwarven brethren, and even with the the Night Elves of Shadaar. But, in the end, they almost gained the upper hand by engineering doomsday devices deep in the earth of the Shattered World. However, it was the knowledge of such devices that motivated a group of heroes to heal the world and thus start anew. It was the healing that brought this new world the Mooidjeen.

The power of the healing was so great, it removed the titan's blood from the veins of the Charred Ones. Suddenly, you had race of dwarves who no longer were influenced by the rage of a Titan. Some of these dwarves sought out life back with their dwarven kin, but found that their past deeds put them in a second class status. For some of these dwarves, they were fine with this for they felt it was a penance for their past evil. Some of these dwarves found that they would never be truly accepted and looked to live lives in places like Avonia, Blackwater Lake, or in the Midland cities. Unfortunately, some of these dwarves felt that their past actions were justified and continued to strive for an self serving empire. Most of these dwarves moved to places like the Black Mountains and continue the struggle to rebuild what they once had. Because of these dwarves and their refusal to let go of their evil ways, they have been given the name of Mooidjeen (dwarvish for untrusting). Mooidjeen are easy to spot. The past influence of titan blood combined with the Healing left their skin much grayer in color. Also, Mooidjeen still retain much of the ceremonial scaring they received while in service to the Charr Empire. Fortunately for Mooidjeen there is hope for their future as each generation born seems to loose more of the grey coloring and bares no scares of their parent's past sins.

Mooidjeen of Darrok Mòrr[edit]

The following is a description of a typical point of view or value of a Mooidjeen from Darrok Mòrr.

  • We live for the future.
  • We are ashamed of our past.
  • We strive to gain trust.

Mooidjeen of Erandor[edit]

  • We must not waist this new future we have been given.
  • We must make the best with what we have.
  • We see our actions define us.

Mooidjeen Dwarves[edit]

  • We seek power to control.
  • We are better than all others.
  • We know pain gives us focus.


These are examples of individuals that embody the various cultures available.

Guard of the Mythrial Ax, The Artful Smithy, Faithful Hammer to Mordan, The Popular Brew-Master, Vengeful Mooidjeen Lord

Cultural Values[edit]

Dwarves of Darrok[edit]

  • Loyal
  • Protective
  • Stubborn
  • Jolly
  • Secretive
  • Honorable
  • Brave
  • Creative
  • Devote
  • Sturdy

Mooidjeen Cultural[edit]

  • Proving
  • Shy
  • Creative
  • Stubborn
  • Sturdy
  • Viscous
  • Sadistic
  • Megalomaniac
  • Berserk
  • Gluttonous

Cultural History[edit]

Historically, the dwarves of Lynfirth called the mountainous kingdom of Darrok their home. Various clans could however be found in small communities dug along or into any mountain side. It was one clan in particular who would changes the course of the dwarves forever.

King Baern reigned over the Durrok kingdom and maintained peace when he could. Under his leadership, his people flourished. The king had many relatives in rule of smaller areas around the lands but it was in particular that would gain the king's eye. His cousin, Lord Durgen of the Hollows, had one such community. What made this community special was it's main source of export. Durgen was a master brewer and distiller. His ales and whiskies were famous among all who enjoyed a good drink. During the Rending of the world, Durgen fought to maintain his casks and stills and in the end, stood proud to continue the tradition of his family. King Baern died during the rending and his eldest son Prince Boren became king. Boren was too busy seeing to his people after the shattering of the world but was pleased to hear that his distant cousin, Durgen, remained in tack and still able to produce his wears.

Decades went by and all seemed well until Durgen found his new mushroom had started growing near his rock. Having his brewers harvest the mushrooms, he tried distilling them like he had other fungus. The product was a testament to his craft. Calling it Bloodwine he began producing it in large volumes and only sharing it with his dwarven kin. He thought that something this good only deserved the lips of a dwarf. Overtime dwarves found themselves angry with the king and his rule. It seemed to have no reason for the king was just and prosperous like his father. Then a call came form the king's own cousin Durgen of the Hollows. This call was to all who apposed the king and asked them to follow him in his rule to bring the dwarven empire to the greatness it deserved. Through much confusion, civil war broke out in the kingdom of Darrok. It wasn't until spies of the king discover the cause of such treachery.

Deep in the rock that lie beneath Durgen's great stills, the spies found the heart of one of the Titans that had been torn apart and scattered. This viel thing still pulsed, producing poisonous blood which seeped into the rocks and streams in the earth. This blood produced a type of fungus, which Durgen had been stilling to make his bloodwine. Once the king realized that many of his kin had become poisoned Titan blood, he sent forth a mass of his army to cleanse the world of these twisted creatures. It was almost too late for the king. Durgen had massed an army of his own. Creating a device of slavery, he used a powerful magical item known as slave colors to make others fight for him. Pitting brother against brother the war raged for ten years until finally the dwarves of Durrok prevailed. Running the survivors of Durgen's army deep into the earth, the king killed his cousin and made sure his stills and kegs were sealed off, buried, and forgot. Striking the entire family line form record, the king now focused on rebuilding an already shattered kingdom.

Cultural Skills[edit]

The culture’s skill pyramid has Fight at it’s peak with Physique and Resources below it, and NPCs from this culture will tend have these at a higher than normal rank for an NPC of that type.

Cultural Stunts[edit]


  • Stubborn to the End (Paragon). You can take the pain of your injuries and use that to keep you focused on combat. For each consequence you suffer you can invoke it to gain a +2 to an attack. You can only invoke it for free once per consequence.
  • Low Blow (Rebel). You take full advantage of your height in combat. You fight dishonorably and tend to gun for the tenders. On a successful attack you create an advantage and because of the extreme pain, invokes get a +3 bonus instead of the normal +2 bonus.


  • Tough as Rock (Paragon). Dwarves are tough and naturally thick skinned. Gain an additional Physical Stress box with this stunt.
  • Pain is just a Thang (Rebel). Through a life of hardship and pain you have learned to ignore minor painful attacks. With this stunt you gain one additional Minor Consequence.

Resources (or Influence if using the Influence and Wealth Extra)

  • Wise Investor (Paragon). Due to wealth in your clan, or lack of wealth, you have learned to save and spend wisely. You gain an additional +1 to your resource check to purchase items. This bonus is a +2 when dealing with other Dwarves.
  • Hoarder (Rebel). You have stashes of wealth and junk hidden everywhere. Any treasure you come across you can find greater value in, increasing it's value by +2.