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The Planes[edit]

  • Material Plane -- Home to the continents of at least Erandor and Faeln. Encompasses sub-realms buried deep under the terrestrial crust of the world.
    • Sub Realm: Primal Fire -- realm of elemental fire and domain of fiends, home of the titan Hellam.
    • Sub Realm: Primal Water -- realm of elemental water
    • Sub Realm: Primal Earth -- realm of elemental earth
    • Sub Realm: Primal Air -- realm of elemental air
  • Fae Realm -- realm that is home to fae beings
  • Shadow Realm -- realm that is home of the restless dead, those unclaimed by the gods or abandoned by the elder gods.
  • Astral or Ethereal Realm: mainly a state of being; used to travel.
  • Godshome -- consists of many realms loosely connected that is the home of the gods. There are some realms here that have been abandoned by elder gods and never claimed by their successors.

Origins of Erandor[edit]

The Shattering[edit]

Erandor is the evolution of a world that had once been shattered during a war between the gods and their primordial predecessors. This act broke apart not only the world but it’s living spirit. The shards of that spirit awoke. They aided the gods in finally defeating the primordials but the price was that the gods would never return.

Read more about the early history of Erandor here.

Healing of the World[edit]

Five centuries after the Shattering, actions of a small group of heroes assisted indirectly by the gods, led to a great Healing. This accomplished two things. First, it prevented a new primordial that had only moments before been forged from parts of the ancient, defeated ones from destroying what was left of the Shattered World. Second, it healed the world. Continents came back together, seas returned, and all the living things that had been there found themselves in a newly remade home. Many needed to build anew, but life had been preserved.

The people of this world are no longer separated by vast gulfs. Continents are a sea voyage away. Cultures can be reached overland. Yet the technology of flight using dirigible air ships remains very useful.

Since the world has been remade much has been lost, but it is not gone. Lost cities and treasures lie hidden beneath the ground, concealed in forests and isolated in mountains. Ancient creatures have awakened. Adventure and discovery lurks behind every corner of this new world.

Known Continents[edit]

The world is very new and it will require centuries of exploration to discover all of it, but two continents are currently known. There is vast Gallea, a huge continent that grew to absorb several more land masses after the Healing, and upon which many intelligent races dwell. There is also Faeln, a continent that lies to the east of Gallea whose history, while extensive, does not seem to acknowledge a time of Shattering or Healing. The very few explorers that have found their way to the westernmost isles of Faeln theorize that Erandor might in fact be a merging of the Shattered world, and an already-existing world of vast seas and small lands. This would neatly explain where oceans, teaming with life, came from. After all, when the old world was Shattered, all its oceans were drained away, save for a few land-locked seas.

Could it be that when the Healing occurred, the remains of the dying Shattered world were fused with another realm altogether? This topic is certain to fascinate sages for centuries to come.

Nations of Erandor[edit]

The People of Avonia[edit]

Many campaigns set in the Shattered World revolved in and around the Avonian Empire, which is located on Gallea, the largest continent of Erandor. One of the last nations of mankind, it had withstood time and enemies on every front, but had begun to crumble due to corruption and decadence from within. The southern provinces reliance on slavery to work their mines and fields had been growing more at odds with northern progressive notions of freedom for all. This eventually led to open rebellion that further weakened Avonia. The rebellion had been put down and new rulers put in place who abolished the slave trade but the established nobility rebelled again and slaughtered their new High Lord and Lady.

But before Avonia could again plunge into civil war, the Healing took place. All nations suddenly found they needed to build again as the slate, their world, was wiped clean. Avonia broke apart and provinces lost contact with one another as the road networks disappeared. Now Avonia itself is a city-state standing alone among rival kingdoms no longer dominated by mankind. Now, even the last empire of man is gone, leaving only scattered kingdoms. This, perhaps, is for the best.

Realms of Elves[edit]

For the various races of elves, the Healing brought with it a time of expansion. Forest elves that had been enslaved by their Avonian neighbors broke their chains and returned to their kin. Now they build kingdoms in the vast forests that have spread forth from their ancient woodland homes. The lunar elves, who’d long ago been given sanctuary in Avonia, now command a strong and vital kingdom in the old forest known as the Princewald. The night elves of the underground empire of Shadaar have begun expanding anew since the dark dwarf rival Charr Empire, responsible for raising a primordial, was badly damaged. The patron goddess of the night elves, named Vanima’du, is now the only remaining god of elves and it is clear she favors Shadaar. The solar elves have chosen to follow Solara, goddess of the sun, and remain the only elven group to choose a human deity as their patron.

The strong influence of these elven people has, in only a decade, made the fae tongue popular to use for trade speak and their naming conventions have become wide-spread. Even the name of this new world, Erandor, is taken from the the elven words “er” and “ndor”, which means one land.

Other Realms[edit]

The dwarf races, gnomes, lesser giants, half demons and others carry on as they always have, little changed by the Healing.