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Creatures of Erandor Mega-List[edit]

Below is a large, sortable table of creatures that might be found in Erandor using two wonderful resources for Fate: the Collectanea Creaturae (CC) and Creature Decks (CD) for Fate. You can find these resources at DriveThruRPG.

Note that the list below is only a SUBSET of all the creatures available in the CC and CD. I chose those that seemed to best fit the setting. Some creatures were left off if they didn't quite fit the flavor we have. In addition, some creatures unique to Erandor have found their way into the lists. Those have dedicated pages linked to them.

Some notes:

  • CD = Creature Deck and it's followed by which deck: aberrations = Aberrations deck, animals = Animals deck, feyconstr = Fey and Constructs deck, humanoids = Humanoids deck, undout = Undead and Outsiders deck.
  • CC = Collectanea Creaturae. It's followed by a page number. A (v) mark means there are variations available.

Using CD or CC[edit]

The stats for decks and the CC were designed by they same folks and so have the same design philosophy. Here, they assume weapons grant damage bonuses and armor absorbs stress off every hit. IGNORE weapons and armor bonuses. But use any such damage or armor bonuses if the creatures has a special ability as an Extra or Stunt that pays for it. Treat weapons using Erandor weapons rules and armor using Erandor rules and things should balance out.

Scale is another important consideration. CD and CC uses Scale simply as a method to rate the difficulty level of a creature. In Erandor, Scale is used to describe if a creature is personal, giant, or epic in size. You can ignore Scale ratings given in CD and CC and use your judgment as to whether a creature should gain the benefits of the Erandor Scale rules. For example, if your dragon is the size of a small village, perhaps you should consider it at least of Giant scale and use the Erandor rules governing that as normal.

Some entries have links. That means there is a special version of the creature made just for Erandor. If the page is available, consider using that instead of CC or CD.

Creature Type Example Location Resource
Basilisk Aberration Any CD-aberrations
Basilisk, greater Aberration Any CC18
Catoblepas Aberration Swamp CD-aberrations
Chimera Aberration Wherever it wants to be CD-aberrations, CC32
Choker Aberration Underground CD-aberrations
Cloaker Aberration Underground CD-aberrations
Cockatrice Aberration Plains CD-aberrations
Darkmantle Aberration Underground CD-aberrations
Drider Aberration Underground CD-aberrations
Eye of the Deep Aberration Underground CD-aberrations
Ettercap Aberration Forest CD-aberrations
Gorgon Aberration Scourged Lands CD-aberrations
Griffon Aberration Mountains, Hills CD-aberrations, CC121
Hippogriff Aberration Hills, plains CD-aberrations, CC172
Hippocampus Aberration Oceans
Hydra Aberration Swamp CD-aberrations, CC127 (v)
Kraken Aberration Ocean depths CD-aberrations, CC133
Manticore Aberration Scourged Lands, Desert CD-aberrations
Mimic Aberration Underground CD-aberrations
Naga, Guardian Aberration Desert of Dust CD-aberrations
Otyugh Aberration Underground CD-aberrations
Pegasus Aberration Plains, light forest CD-aberrations, CC171
Roper Aberration Underground CD-aberrations
Remorhaz Aberration Freezia, Twilight Lands, Ice Lands CD-aberrations
Sea Serpent Aberration Ocean CD-aberrations, CC188
Slime Crawler Aberration Underground CD-aberrations
Sphinx (gynosphinx) Aberration Desert of Dust, Scourged Lands CD-aberrations
Stirge Aberration Swamp CD-aberrations
Ant, giant Animal Desert of Dust CD-animals, CC9(v)
Ape, gorilla Animal SW Erandor jungles CD-animals, CC13
Aurochs Animal Plains CD-animals
Baboon, higher Animal SW Erandor jungles CD-animals
Bat, giant Animal Any temperate CD-animals, CC20
Bear Animal Any forest/mountain CD-animals, CC21-22
Beetle, giant fire Animal Any CD-animals
Beetle, giant spitting Animal Any CD-animals
Bison Animal Plains CD-animals
Bobcat Animal Semi-desert to swamp CC26
Boar Animal Any forest CD-animals
Centipede, giant Animal Any subterranean CD-animals
Crab, giant Animal Coastal CD-animals
Cougar Animal Any
Crocodile Animal Any shallow water CD-animals, CC34
Dog Animal Any CD-animals, CC64(v)
Dolphin Animal Any ocean, some river CD-animals, CC66
Eagle Animal Any CD-animals, CC77
Eagle, giant Animal Any mountainous CC78
Eel, electric Animal Oceans CD-animals, CC79
Eel, giant moray Animal Oceans CD-animals
Elephant Animal SW Erandor jungles CD-animals, CC91
Ferret Animal Any CC98
Frog, giant Animal Any swamp CD-animals
Hawk Animal Any CD-animals
Hippopotamus Animal SW Erandor waterways CD-animals
Horse Animal Any plains CD-animals, CC125(v)
Hyena Animal Southern Erandor plains CD-animals
Leech, giant Animal Swamp CD-animals
Leopard Animal Any CD-animals
Lion Animal Southern Erandor plains CD-animals, CC141
Lizard Animal Any warm CD-animals
Lizard, giant frilled Animal Tropical & warm forest CD-animals
Lizard, monitor Animal Tropical, warm desert CD-animals
Monkey Animal Any tropical CD-animals, CC152
Octopus, giant Animal Ocean CD-animals, CC165
Orca Animal Ocean CD-animals, CC226
Owl Animal Any CD-animals
Pony Animal Forest and mountains CD-animals
Rat Animal Any CD-animals, CC177(v)
Raven Animal Any CD-animals, CC181
Ray, manta Animal Ocean CD-animals
Ray, stingray Animal Ocean CD-animals
Sand Spider (Litse Lianta) Animal Desert of Dust
Giant Fire Scorpion (Norsa Naur) Animal Desert of Dust
Shark Animal Ocean CD-animals, CC192(v)
Snake, giant python Animal Tropical CD-animals, CC197
Snake, giant rattler Animal Desert to temperate CD-animals, CC198
Snake, spitting cobra Animal Desert CD-animals
Spider, giant Animal Forests and caves CD-animals, CC199
Squid, giant Animal Ocean CD-animals, CC200
Squirrel, flying Animal Forests CC202
Tiger Animal SW Erandor jungle CD-animals
Toad, giant Animal Swamp, forest CD-animals
Wasp, giant Animal Any remote CD-animals
Weasel, giant Animal Deep forest CD-animals
Whale Animal Ocean CC224
Wolf Animal Forest CD-animals, CC230 (v)
Wolf, dire Animal Cold forests CC232
Wolverine Animal Cold forests CD-animals, CC234
Assassin Vine Fey Forest or Jungle CD-feyconstr
Black Pudding Fey Underground CD-feyconstr
Dryad Fey Forest CD-feyconstr, CC162 (v)
Dragons Fey Any
Flytrap, Giant Fey Tropical forest CD-feyconstr
Gelatinous Cube Fey Underground CD-feyconstr
Gray Ooze Fey Underground CD-feyconstr
Gremlin Fey Forest CD-feyconstr
Mite Fey Caves CD-feyconstr
Moonflower Fey Ancient forest CD-feyconstr
Nymph Fey Any beautiful natural loc. CD-feyconstr
Nymph, Nereid Fey Waterways, ponds CC162
Ochre Jelly Fey Desert of Dust CD-feyconstr
Pixie Fey Ancient forest CD-feyconstr
Quickling Fey Ancient, dying forest CD-feyconstr
Quickwood Fey Ancient, dying forest CD-feyconstr
Recap Fey Any CD-feyconstr, CC183
Satyr/Faun Fey Forest CD-feyconstr, CC96
Shoggoth Fey Ocean depths CD-feyconstr
Slime Mold Fey Ruins CD-feyconstr
Slithering Tracker Fey Any CD-feyconstr
Sprite Fey Forest CD-feyconstr
Shambling Mound Fey Swamp CD-feyconstr
Treant Fey Ancient forest CD-feyconstr, CC206
Unicorn Fey Ancient forest CD-aberrations, CC214
Vegepygmy Fey Swamp CD-feyconstr
Violet Fungus Fey Swamp CD-feyconstr
Werebadger Fey Any CD-feyconstr, CC219 (v)
Wereboar Fey Any CD-feyconstr
Wererat Fey Any CD-feyconstr, CC222 (v)
Weretiger Fey Any CD-feyconstr
Werewolf Fey Any CD-feyconstr, CC223 (v)
Wyvern Fey Mountain and forest CD-undout
Yellow Musk Creeper Fey Swamp CD-feyconstr
Animated Statue Construct Artificial CD-feyconstr
Golem, bronze Construct Artificial CC119
Golem, clay Construct Artificial CD-feyconstr, CC120
Golem, flesh Construct Artificial CD-feyconstr
Golem, iron Construct Artificial CD-feyconstr
Golem, stone Construct Artificial CD-feyconstr
Homunculus Construct Artificial CD-feyconstr
Scarecrow Construct Artificial CD-feyconstr
Avonians Humanoid Any
Bandits Humanoid Any
Dark Stalker Humanoid Underground CD-humanoids
Doppleganger (evil changeling) Humanoid Any CD-humanoids
Dwarves Humanoid Underground
Elves Humanoid Any
Ettin Humanoid Scourged Lands CD-humanoids
Giant, Cloud Humanoid Freezia CD-humanoids
Giant, Fire Humanoid Active volcanos CD-humanoids
Giant, Forest Humanoid Ancient forest CD-humanoids
Giant, Hill Humanoid Hills CD-humanoids, CC107
Giant, Stone Humanoid Mountains CD-humanoids, CC108
Giant, Storm Humanoid Freezia CC109
Goblins Humanoid Any
Hag, Green Humanoid Swamp CD-humanoids
Hag, Black (Annis) Humanoid Forest CC8
Hag, Sea Humanoid Coastal CD-humanoids
Harpy Humanoid Mountains, Islands CD-humanoids, CC122 (v)
Kobolds Humanoid Any (hidden places) CD-humanoids, CC133 (v)
Lamia/Lamia Matriarch Humanoid Desert of Dust, Scourged Lands CD-humanoids, CC135 (v)
Lizard Folk Humanoid Swamps CD-humanoids
Medusa Humanoid Desert of Dust, Scourged Lands CD-humanoids, CC144
Merfolk (see Sea Folk) Humanoid Ocean or sea (usually)
Merrow Humanoid Ocean CD-humanoids
Minotaur Humanoid Scourged Lands CD-humanoids, CC151
Ogre Humanoid Any CD-humanoids, CC167
Orcs Humanoid Any
Sahugin Humanoid Ocean CD-humanoids
Sea Folk Humanoid Ocean, primarily near Fealn
Shifters Humanoid Any
Troglodyte Humanoid Caves CD-humanoids
Troll Humanoid Forest, Caves CD-humanoids, CC209
Triton Humanoid Ocean CD-undout
Yeti Humanoid Mountains, frozen north CD-humanoids
Banshee Undead Any
Barghast Undead Any remote
Ghost Undead Any CD-undout, CC100 (v)
Ghoul Undead Desert, Scourged Lands CD-undout, CC105 (v)
Lich Undead Any CD-undout, CC137 (v)
Mummy Undead Desert of Dust CD-undout, CC158
Shadow Undead Crypts, ruins, underground CD-undout
Shadow, greater Undead Crypts, ruins, underground CD-undout
Shadow Hounds Undead Remote wilderness
Spectre Undead Crypts, ruins, underground CD-undout
Undead Champion Archer Undead Raised by necromancer
Undead Champion Undead Raised by necromancer
Undead Knight Undead Raised by necromancer
Vampire Undead Any CD-undout, CC215 (v)
Wight Undead Crypts, ruins, underground CD-undout, CC228
Wraith Undead Any dark CD-undout
Demons (variety) Outsider Summoned/Hellam's Realm CC40 (v)
Elemental, Air Outsider Summoned CD-undout, CC80
Elemental, Earth Outsider Summoned CD-undout, CC83
Elemental, Fire Outsider Summoned CD-undout, CC84
Elemental, Water Outsider Summoned CD-undout, CC87
Elemental, Wood Outsider Summoned CD-undout, CC89
Hell hound Outsider Summoned/Hellam's Realm CD-undout, CC124
Kyton Outsider Summoned/Hellam's Realm CD-undout
Nightmare Outsider Summoned/Hellam's Realm CD-undout, CC159 (v)
Nightwitch Outsider Created from witches by a demon Any
Psuedo-dragon Fey Faerie, ancient forest CD-undout