Erandor Early History

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The World[edit]

The vast world that is now known as the Shattered World was once a whole place, a world of many continents separated by seas. Each age that passed presented its own challenges for the people that survived them and thrived in them.

The last age nearly ended the world and all who dwelled on it and beneath it.

The Rending[edit]

At the dawn of time, titans from the plane of elemental chaos created the world. At this time little existed but a vast, blank canvas of rock and sea upon which the elemental forces of earth, wind, fire, and water played. The world was a playground for the titans, to be created or destroyed at their whim.

But from the vastness of the Astral Sea came forth gods; some born of the titans, others traveling from further realms. They saw in this newborn world the potential for life and cycles of birth, death and rebirth. They came to the world with new ideas and built mountains, tamed volcanoes, and calmed seas. At their feet grew forests and jungles, deserts and plains. They created many sentient races.

When the titans again chose to destroy the world and build it anew, they were opposed by the gods who’d grown fond of their creations. The opposing wills of titans and gods sparked a war that spread throughout creation.

The gods had created many races and so had many loyal champions of their cause to add to their angelic forces. The titans, seeing the gods add to their power this way, did likewise, spawning many elemental creations and dread archons to lead them. They also created a race of half-demons to conquer those races made by the gods, and sent giants to enslave all that would oppose the destructive will of the titans.

Pitched war ravaged the world for decades and centuries. Empires were born and snuffed out within the short span of lifetimes. Whole cultures were uprooted or destroyed. Gods and titans did open battle on the face of the world.

At last, the world could take the strain of it no more. The titanic and divine energies unleashed in the conflict tore the world apart, shattering it into pieces that sailed free toward the dim horizons. Oceans drained into the void. The world was dying.

Then it awoke. All the things created by titan and divine power had an equal and opposite echo; a spirit that inhabited the world. When the world was torn asunder, this great sleeping spirit shattered into countless shards, some great and some small. These spirits awoke with the death cry of the great world spirit still ringing in their ethereal ears.

Although angry at what had been done to what was now the Shattered World, the spirits were wise and they saw how many of the gods had wept for the terrible things that had been done. They saw how the titans laughed and reveled in their victory. They knew what they had to do.

They quickly aligned with the gods to cast out or imprison the titans. Then, knowing the gods were exhausted, they also cast them off every surface of the Shattered world, banishing them to their celestial homes. The gods left, some resentful, others taking responsibility for their part in the Rending of the World.

For five centuries after the Rending, the world sought balance. Spirits present during all that time spent much of their strength barring the return of gods and the titans. The gods were restricted to only indirectly influencing the world while minions of the fallen titans worked ceaselessly to find a way to release their masters from prisons hidden within the depths of the Shattered World or bound to hidden places in the plane of Elemental Chaos.