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Martial arts training is not available in all regions of Erandor, so ask you GM if this option is available in your game. If it is available, it's considered an extra so you can spend either or both of your own Refresh and stunts on them as well as stunts specifically granted for the purchase of extras.

Martial Arts in Erandor[edit]

Some of the oldest races in the world have been fighting a long, long time, and perceived a kind of beauty in combat. Special techniques have been developed that are taught by private martial schools. These techniques are usually arranged into elements and forms, and schools of martial arts form to teach specific combinations of these elements and forms.

Since there are four elements and four forms, there are a maximum of 16 different kinds of martial arts schools. Some very few cities might actually have all 16 schools represented, but this is rare.

You should place your school (choice of element + form) in an aspect that also indicates your level of learning in the school, but keep in mind that you cannot achieve the rank of Master unless you possess all six stunts of the school.

Four Elements[edit]

The four elements are considered foundation techniques. They guide the overall strategy of the martial style. The most commonly recognized elements are Flame, River, Stone, and Wind. When you begin training in a martial school, you must first learn all your foundation techniques before they more advanced styles of form are taught. Once you have absorbed learned all available stunts in your school of martial arts, you join the ranks of your school's masters.

Four Forms[edit]

The four forms are considered advanced techniques. To access them, you must have first mastered all three stunts of an element, and your martial school must teach this form. The most commonly recognizes form are dragon, griffon, manticore, and serpent.

Each martial school teaches only one form, so if you wish to learn more, you will have to apply for admission to another martial school. This is rarely done because the precise techniques of each school is considered a trade specialty, a secret that is not meant to be taught to persons outside the martial school that teaches them.

The Foundation: Elements[edit]


The element focuses on bursts of energetic action for both attack and defense simultaneously.

Burn It Off
When you succeed with style on an attack, you can remove one free invoke on an aspect that is affecting you, specifically. This includes free invokes on consequences.
Burst Attack
You can move up to two zones and attack instead of only one. Further, if you succeed with style on the attack, you may move an additional zone instead of taking a boost.
When you attack more than one target (necessitating dividing up your skill plus dice among your targets), you can add +2 to your total. All targets must be within reach of you without having to move more than a few feet from your position.


This element emphasizes fluid movements.


When attempting to remove an aspect placed on you that can be overcome with martial skills, you gain a +2. Note that this then does not include consequences.

Channel the Stream
You gain a +2 to Fight or Athletics actions to create an advantage based on redirecting an opponent's momentum.
Erode the Defense
After your opponent uses a full defense action, you gain a +2 bonus to an attack action against them using Fight.


This element focuses on defense as the basis of martial arts.

Granite Stance
When you use a full defense action, you also gain the benefits of armor:2 against any non-magical attack that you notice.
Inexorable Avalanche
When you defend with style, you can clear one stress box instead of gaining a boost.
When defending against create an advantage actions that would place aspects such as knocked down, pinned, pushed, or tripped, you gain a +2 bonus.


The wind element focuses on maneuverability and avoidance as the basis for martial defense and attack. The wind is all about positioning.

Blow Passes Through Air
When using the full defense action and fail, you do not use up a free invoke of armor or shield, if you used one of them.
Step of the Wind
You can use your Fight skill in place of Stealth to create advantages based on moving silently. If your Stealth and Fight skills are the same value, or if Stealth is higher, you can take a +2 to your Fight roll to do this instead.
Fluttering Flourish
Your dizzying flourishes puts you in a position of advantage against lesser-skilled opponents. When your Fight skill is greater than your opponent's, you gain a +2 to create an advantage actions.

Advanced Technique: Forms[edit]


Power and directness rules the techniques of this form.

Dragon's Armored Form
When you succeed with style on a defense action using Fight, you gain the benefits of armor:2 against the next attack that does physical stress in addition to the boost you normally get.
Dragon's Might
Gain a +2 bonus on actions to overcome attempts (or aspects) to prevent your movement, or on create an advantage actions to prevent the movement of a target.
Dragon's Rending Claws
When you succeed in style with an attack, you can gain a boost. But instead of a +2 bonus, you gain a +3, and you do not need to lower your total by 1 to get the boost.


This form focuses on agility, redirection and counterattack.

Griffon's Endurance
You gain 1 extra physical stress box. This does not combine with any other stunt that may provide a similar benefit, so the maximum stress boxes any player character can have is 5.
Griffon's Scathing Retort
When you overcome with style using Athletics or Fight to remove an aspect on yourself, you can create a beneficial aspect on yourself with a free invoke instead of taking a boost.
Wing Buffet
When you defend with style, you can place an aspect Knocked Back with a free invoke on your opponent in place of gaining a boost.


This form is all about power and ferocity.

Manticore's Pounce
You can move a zone and attack using Athletics in place of Fight. If the attack is successful, add 2 to the stress done.
Manticore's Rending Claws
When you tie on an attack using Fight, you can inflict 2 stress instead of taking a boost.
Manticore's Ferocity
You can use Provoke to defend against Provoke attacks in place of Will. If Will is the same or higher than your Provoke skill, then you gain a +2 bonus to your defense using Provoke instead.


This form is about speed and efficiency of motion.

Speed of the Serpent
You can use Athletics in place of Notice (or other skill) to determine initiative order. If your Notice skill is equal or higher than your Athletics, then you gain a +2 to your Athletics skill to determine initiative order.
Viper's Confusing Strikes
You gain a +2 to Athletics or Deceive to create an advantage actions meant to place aspects related to confusing, unbalancing, or distracting. The bonus applies to only one of the two skills, chosen when this stunt is purchased.
Viper's Strike
When you succeed on a defense action using Fight, you can sacrifice your next turn to take the shifts you had on your defense and use that as an attack total against the one who attacked you.

Example School of Martial Arts[edit]

In the northern city of Khelekeska, a guild of assassins known as the Society of the Veil teaches a specific school of martial arts to its own members. The style one reason the guild is greatly respected and feared across the Khelekeska city state. It is known as the Way of the Flame Serpent and it specializes in deadly speed and ruthless attacks.