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As part of your character's background, you might envision ownership of property or other sources of income. Most commonly, if a character owns property that he doesn't have to spend his life working, he is a noble that owns the land someone else works. This is probably a fief and there may be something owed to a liege lord over the character. This can be represented with an aspect such as Fief of the Five Corners and it can provide some Wealth. Powerful land owners such as nobles may also have a fighting force or defensive works that grants access to the Martial Strength skill.

If it's an important piece of your character's background, you probably already have an aspect relating to it. But what if you wish to use it for more than a way to invoke a bonus for your own skill rolls? This extra allows you to describe it with skills (and stunts if you are so inclined).

You can spend skill points from your extras allotment to purchase the Wealth skill, and any other skills you feel your personal holdings might have.


Your character might have some kind of leadership position in an organization. This usually also requires an aspect describing your position in the organization. This can get you access to useful skills such as Connections. Sometimes this also can get you access to Martial Strength, Wealth and other skills as well. Scary organizations like an Assassins Guild can provide access to the Threaten and Secrecy skills.

Examples positions you might have include:

  • Guild leader
  • Position of influence or authority such as city watch commander, knight captain, local noble, a magistrate, judge, or similar position.


Properties and organizations that PCs purchase are usually of the giant scale. These usually have a single headquarters, manor, castle, etc., that serves as the focus for that property or organization.

Property and Organization Membership as Background Elements[edit]

When you pay for these properties and positions, it is assumed that it can continue to function without you being there. It may be you are a lieutenant, not the leader, or if you are a leader you have people that can run your property, business or organization without you having to always be there personally. But, if you have significant control over your organization, you should purchase an aspect to reflect that either from your extras pool or one of your five character aspects should reflect it. This can be invoked for a bonus on your special property and organization skills, or it might be compelled by the GM to reflect certain unavoidable duties you need to perform.

Option: Epic Play[edit]

If your table is interested in an epic level of game play, your GM may allow you to declare your organization or properties to be of Epic scale. This would represent entire kingdoms or great cities, organized religion, and far-reaching trade networks or guilds. You probably would have several headquarters, and would be more concerned with issues on a national, rather than local scale.

Organization and Property as Characters (using the Fate Fractal)[edit]

If needed, the skills, aspects and any stunts you provide your property or organization is used as the basis to describe it as a character. Note that several PCs could get together to great stronger organizations by contributing skills, stunts and aspects to the same organization. As long as all players agree and have an idea what each person's role is, there are no limitations on this.

Special Property and Organization Skills[edit]

Connections. This skill functions like Contacts but comes from the connections your organization has. You can use it anywhere your organization has a presence or may have had dealings.

Great Library. Your organization collects knowledge and artifacts. You can use this skill when you visit your organization's archives to search for special information. You can use this skill in place of your own Lore skill, to provide a Teamwork bonus to your own Lore skill, or you can use your Lore skill to provide a Teamwork bonus to the Great Library skill.

Healers. Your organization has a temple, herbalists, or other specialists capable of providing healing for any member of your organization without cost. Whenever you have access to your organization's healers, you can use the Healers skill in place of any other skill to make an overcome roll to begin healing consequences. You can also use Healers to acquire healing potions and salves by using a create an advantage action. The GM may limit your acquisitions to one potion per point of Healers skill your organization has. These potions provide a bonus to overcome rolls to begin healing a consequence. They are not alchemical potions where there is a spell stored in them.

Influence. Your organization might have political pull, or members that excel in working things out with individuals or other organizations to your benefit. Influence can take the place of what would otherwise be a Rapport roll, or it can provide a Teamwork bonus for your own Rapport roll if you can call upon your organization for help.

Martial Strength. An organization in which you have a leadership role that has access to fighting forces can provide Martial Strength. Since an organization can function at the giant scale at a minimum, this can provide a way to interact directly with giant scale creatures and other organizations. This takes the role of the Fight skill.

Movement. If your organization is mobile, such as a mercenary company or adventuring guild, it might have a Movement skill. Use this when interacting with other giant scale things.

Secrecy. This skill represents your organization's ability to avoid detection. It can also be used as a defense against aggression by another organization on the philosophy that you cannot directly harm that which you cannot find. Secrecy can also help you if you are wanting to hide from another organization or person, so you can use it in place of Stealth, or use it to provide a Teamwork bonus.

Threaten. The mere mention of the name of your organization can provoke feelings of fear. As a member of the organization, you can use this fact to your advantage among those who've heard of it. Use this in place of Provoke where applicable.

Wealth. This skill functions like Resources but comes from your family, property, or business. You can use it in place of a Resources skill roll if you have access to your funds. In addition, you can use your Wealth to outfit yourself by places one money-related boost per point in the Wealth skill on yourself before setting out for adventure. This reflects extra bags of cash or equipment that you can use later to aid your Resources rolls.