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Titans: The Defeated Lords[edit]

The end of the Titan War some five centuries ago ended with the Rending of the World and banishment or dismemberment of the titans. Yet, throughout the lands of the Shattered World there remain those still loyal to the titans. Often creations of the titans, but also consisting of those looking for a path to power, these followers band together in cults. Their purpose includes mutual protection and furthering of goals, as well as to further the agenda of their titanic patron. This typically consists of being freed from banishment, or reconstituted from pieces of themselves their cults try to recover.

In the past, titans were never known to have a connection to their followers like the Gods did. They do not grant access to schools or domains of magic powers to their priests. However, they or their agents might grant power to followers through Pacts, granting those with no magic of their own a path to magic that made them witches and warlocks. Druids corrupted by the warped elemental creations of the Titans (usually referred to as demons) might also gain a twisted sort of witchcraft to replace that granted by the Great Spirit. This works mechanically the same as normal priestcraft, save that the source is a demonic or a titan instead of a spirit, and therefore may have a different set of conditions enforced by their lord.


Princess of Gales, Storm Mother

It is said that the changing of the seasons was Avia’s contribution to the natural world, and given her mercurial nature, it’s a reasonable conclusion. Avia represents storms and changing weather, thus it is thought her followers tend toward the use of Air, Energies and Shadow magic. Her creations include demons created of an abominable combination of Air and Shadow elemental spirits.

Avia has had several Titan consorts and as a result of her temporary dalliances, she gave birth to many gods. This gods, of course, have accepted banishment and are gone from Erandor and the planes associated with it.

Yet, four powerful gods she spawned turned upon treacherous Avia in the Titan War. Her former Titan lovers were disinclined to save her when the gods imprisoned her. It is said her formless essence was sealed within a magical dome and cast adrift in through the ether far away from the world. Her few loyal followers still seek her centuries later, plying the vast space between the Erandor.


Earth Lord

This Titan was the embodiment of natural forces and said to be as timeless as the bedrock of the world. Like the other Titans he had been bent on making the world anew when the Gods rebelled. Galvanus had believed they could merely rewrite the surface of the world, raise new land where there was none and sink lands containing what the Titans believed to be failed projects. When the world shattered, however, he was shocked. Galvanus was tied to the world and when it was rent to pieces, he felt the pain of it as if it was his own body being torn apart. He sank into the largest of the remaining pieces of the world, Gallea, comatose and never stirred again. His children seek to wake him so that he can finish the work he had begun. They hope he can create the world anew from the pieces left from the Rending.

Galvanus and Pythia are thought to have associated with one another, sometimes as lovers and sometimes as rivals, for a very long time. Their occasional dalliances produced one god that survived (also now departed). Together, Galvanus and Pythia populated the world with a wide variety of animals and creatures out of idle curiosity or in attempts to impress or outdo each other, rivaling their divine daughter’s own creativity when it came to creating new life. However, while Darlann took care to observe how animals and nature worked together, Galvanus and his bride cared little for what happened to their children after they were created. This often resulted in whole ecosystems being devastated.

Demonic champions of Galvanus are towering archons composed of rock and soil upon which small trees have taken root. The magic most associated with Galvanus is Earth and Nature magic.


Lord of Faerie

It is said that Glorin copied the world the Titans and gods had wrought and mirrored it in his own image. Where animals and people populated the world, monsters and fae populated Faerie. He was known to have quested to create the perfect magical being for ages, creating races both monstrous and fair that called Faerie home. He even sired the goddess Bellath with Avia, created Tor as a project with Volcanis and created the god Corin as an experiment on his own. Ultimately, however, he turned on his creations, declaring them all to be imperfect. Perfection belonged to the Titans alone.

Tor, Bellath and Corin fought against him at the start of the Titan War, imprisoning him within the second moon, Pharos. It is said that when Pharos glares brightest, it is because it is lit from within by the raging Titan who awakens to find himself still imprisoned every thirty days. These three gods are among those that departed Erandor after the Healing of the World.

Demon champions of Glorin consist of whirling vortexes of light, usually masked by glamours when interacting with other beings to look like whatever best suits their purpose. Without the glamoured guises, their own followers’ eyes would burn out just looking upon them. Phantasm is the most common school of magic granted to Glorin's fanatics, but any type might be granted by the titan of magic.


The Demon Lord

It was Hellam that created the first demons. He corrupted elementals of six elements (air, earth, fire, light, shadow and water), but is most infamous for his horrify- ing creations of fire and shadow. The mightiest of these became his archons, enforcers of his will, and other Titans soon began making archons and demons of their own.

Mightiest of the Titans, Hellam was never defeated in the Titan War, only banished by the combined strength of the Gods and Greater Spirits of the Shattered World. He dwells now in his plane of primordial fire somewhere far below the ether in which the Shattered World now exists. The heat from his primal realm burns rain and water falling from the broken lands into steam, which rises again into clouds and keeps the Shattered World watered and still living. This is not by Hellam’s de- sign, of course.

The wise say those fools insane enough to make pacts with Hellam’s demons in exchange for mortal power only fuel Hellam’s eventual return on a road paved of their own souls — and those they sacrifice in his name.

Fire and Shadow magic is most common among Hellam’s worshippers.


The Nightmare Queen, Queen of Nymphs

She was considered the Titan of the oceans of the old world, before the rending. Back then she had created a number of races relating to water and the sea such as sea folk and nymphs. She’d also birthed monsters such as kraken and sea serpents.

At the opening of the Titan War, she was cornered by Tor, Bane and Conn. Bellath appeared near the end of the battle with a surprise attack that sundered her watery body. Bane and Tor quickly attacked with heat and fire to make sure she could not reconstitute while Bellath opened a Gate to Faerie. Mara’s essence was cast into a remote sea in Faerie. Without a body she could not rise to return to the world and recover her body.

Unfortunately, Mara adapted well. Without form, she has instead reveled in her new existence, entering the minds of dreamers that open themselves to her. These poor creatures are seduced with promises of salvation and power even while Mara tortures them with nightmares. Even formless she still has great power, enough to win over many converts who quest to recover pieces of the titan's body in exchange for primal powers.

Mara’s archons consist of water and boast terrifying powers of the mind. Water and Phantasm magic that has to do with mental manipulation, attack, and control is most common among her followers.


Lady of Vipers, Mother of Hags

Pythia represented all things poisonous and deadly in nature. Her venomous nature caused all other Titans to rethink associating with her, save for Galvanus with whom she birthed the earth goddess Darlann. Aside from the creatures she spawned, seemingly in a contest with Galvanus, she also toyed with creating monstrous versions of feminine qualities. It’s believed she created the first hags, and is sometimes venerated among man-hating females of many species.

Near the end of the Titan War, Pythia was confronted by several gods, including her own daughter. Outnumbered and alone, she was dismembered by the gods, her blood spilling onto the Shattered World and poisoning vast portions of it. Parts of her body were entombed or sealed away by the gods in hopes that no one would ever find them again and piece her back together. She was difficult for several gods to defeat so no one wanted to see the Poisoner return to seek vengeance on them.

Pythia’s archons usually appear as monstrous and poisonous versions of creatures found in the Shattered World. Thus, Water and Nature magic is most common among her followers.


The Beast Lord, Father of Dragons

This Titan was noted for creating monsters to hunt for his own amusement. The Beast Lord created many gigantic creatures, the most famous of which are several breeds of dragons and their kin, such as wyverns. His treatment of his creations won him no loyalty from them, however. Those who escaped his hunts, bred true, and had the intelligence to survive, took care to avoid the Beast Lord.

More often than creating creatures from nothing, Rin would simply merge animals and monstrous beings together. He is credited for creating griffins and hippogriffs, as well as cursing normal beings with lycanthropy, although some argue it was Shaikhan who did that.

During the Titan War, Rin was finally defeated by a coalition of gods including Innora’s (daughter of Rin's by the titan Aria) half siblings, Bellath, Conn and Inkesh as well as a number of the mightiest dragons Rin himself created. It is said they cornered him at the ends of the earth and dismembered him. Each of the gods took a piece and hid it; the dragons took a piece as well for safekeeping, lest Rin rise again from his dismembered parts.

The Beast Lord is not known to have any archons. His martial prowess was unmatched and he tolerated no rivals. Those who still venerate Rin favor Nature and Transformation magic.


Lord of Disease and Decay, Plaguebringer

The Plaguebringer reveled in creating the tiniest forms of life to bring down the mightiest, diseases that include fungal infections and parasites. He is credited with slaying many of the old gods and corrupting entire races. He also is considered the father of Time in terms of its effects on aging and decay.

In the midst of the Titan War, several gods died horribly as they were slowly devoured from within. The disease was such that it fed upon the strength of the god; the more powerful the being, the more complete was his destruction. It was called the Godsplague and it is said to have claimed gods that now are not only dead, but nameless, such as the god that created humans.

One legend states the Godsplague even spread to followers that had contact with infected gods. Entire communities of elves were corrupted by the Godsplague, transforming them into goblins and orcs. This legend runs counter to the creation myths of those folk, however. The truth might never be known.

Once the greater gods realized what was happening they united to confront Shaikhan, but he proved as unstoppable as time itself. Instead, they trapped him deep under the earth where he remains still. Creatures and beings that venerate him include pestilent beings such as the Scourged Ones that inhabit the wastes of Faeln and scavengers that feast upon the dead.

Those that venerate him most often use Time and Fate magic to wither and curse as well alchemical enchantments to produce fell concoctions with which to torment and murder their prey.


The Fire Lord

This titan embodied the fury and destructive power of natural disasters such as volcanos, earthquakes and raging firestorms. Where Volcanis tread, destruction followed. One of the most dangerous Titans to all of creation, Volcanis was one most tied to the destruction of the world and the Rending. He cared little whether the world lived or died, only that destruction follow in his wake.

Yet from destruction new life is often born. As an experiment, he worked with Glorin to create the god Tor. Instead of a god of destruction however, Tor chose that of creation and order. Volcanis was disappointed and so he begot the god of war and storms, Conn, by Avia the Storm Mother. Conn proved rebellious and his vision limited to that of mortal death and battle, so Volcanis uplifted a member of a race of his own creation, the giant Encaris to become a god. Infusing the giant with his titanic power drove Encaris insane, however, and the mad god descended into the primordial planes to carve out his own private playground of destruction and populate it with demons.

Volcanis was trapped by a coalition of great spirits and gods after the Rending. He was dismembered and pieces of him cast into pits across the shattered world so that his burning remains would keep volcanos alive and the world warm.

Aside from fire giants, Volcanis is credited with the creation of fire salamanders as well as magically dead zones that form the hearts of many deserts across the lands of Erandor.

If any of his archons were left, they would be terrible creatures of fire with nothing but pure destruction as their goal, leaving nothing, not even magic, behind them.