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Faction Chart
Golden Mesa Desert Duchy Brimstone Barony Master of the City Vampires Storm Front Pack Cult of Ishtar
Golden Mesa Fair, Righteous, Beautiful Underhanded, Corrupt, Mortal Enemies Murderous, Untrustworthy, Mortal Enemies Corrupt, Deadly, Mysterious Remote, Cold, Uninvolved Misguided, Foolish, Gullible
Desert Duchy Arrogant, Meddling, Foolish The One True Power, Wickedly Wise, The Hidden Hand of Leadership Upstart Rebels, Treacherous, Snakes in the Grass Kindred Spirits, Potential Rivals Rebellious Children A Potential Ally of the Mesa — a Threat to the Duchy, Dangerous Fanatics
Brimstone Barony Weak, Conniving, Eternal Enemy Past History, Old and Weak, Obstacle to Power The True Power, The Future of the Fae, Revolutionaries Future Servants, Lesser Beings Wayward Children of the Fae, Their Place Is with Us Foolish Mortals
Master of the City Useless Narcissists, Dangerous Fire Lovers, Things to Avoid Understand True Power, Aloof, Out of the Way Suspicious Motivations, Untrustworthy, Unreliable Ancient Hidden Center of Power, Master of all Vampires, Lords of Night Tenacious Foes, Tree-hugging Animals, Potential Servants Prey
Storm Front Pack Uncertain Allies, Generally Fair, Unknown Dangerous, Immoral and Amoral Dangerous, Immoral and Amoral Dangerous Overlords, Avoid at All Cost, Good Vampires Are Dead Vampires Noble Preservers, Honor or Death, Family Sheep Led to Slaughter, Dangerous Fanatics, A Minor Problem
Cult of Ishtar Children of Light Gods, Honored Ones, Holders of Secrets Children of the Dark Gods, Horned Ones, Masters of Sin Children of the Dark Gods, Horned Ones, Masters of Sin Terrifying Lords of Night, Things That Go Bump, Manageable Angry, Insane, Deadly Keepers of the Old Ways, Inspired and Protected by the Goddess