Faeln: What Is Faeln

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Faeln[1] is a world of high magic and mystery where mankind struggles to survive in a world overrun with fae beings, beasts, and monsters. Ancient things are returning from a long sleep. Dragons are beginning to take the air once more. The Fae have returned to the world.

The civilization of man is in decline as a result. Isolated principalities, kingdoms, and small empires still hold out against an increasingly hostile world. Hand-crafting is the primary method of production and trade and travel survives only by employing armed caravans and ships by river and sea.

Yet mankind does not stand alone. They have found sometimes sympathetic people among the fae, those who are willing to reach out in friendship, trade, and even alliance against the more dangerous beings of the world.

  1. You can pronounce “Faeln” like “fey elm” except with an “n” in place of the “m”. Originally a reference to the arrival of the Fae Realm into the world, it was eventually shortened.