Faeln: Character Creation

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Character creation begins as for any Fate Core System game. You are Great level characters, with three Refresh and three free stunts. You can buy more stunts by lowering your Refresh by one or two points.

However, you also gain points for extras. Extras are special things that help make your character unique. It may describe mastery of special magics, magical items, heirlooms, companions, properties, and even whole organizations of which you may be an important part. Each character gains one aspect slot, two free stunts and six skills points that can be spent specifically on extras. New characters needn’t spend all this, either; it might be saved and used when magical items, properties, special vehicles, mounts, or other things come up in the game that must be purchased. You might even purchase special racial advantages using your extras pool.

While you cannot spend the aspect, stunts, or skill points you get from extras to purchase more normal skills, stunts and things, you can devote your skill slots aspects, stunt slots and Refresh to extras. See the Extras section for more details on the kinds of things you can purchase as an extra for your character.