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According to the beliefs of the various people of Faeln, many gods are thought to exist. While all should be respected, only a few are actually worshipped. Here we discuss just the gods that are important to the major people of Faeln.

Religion of Man[edit]

The purpose of religion among the nations of men is to provide comfort and explanation for what is happening in the world around them. There are 3-4 gods that are worshipped. They are considered to be related and have born demigods, the lesser gods of specific places or ideas that are not widely worshipped, but may be locally. The gods are the surviving children of the primordial titans of creation and destruction who devoured most of the gods before they were finally defeated and destroyed or banished.


Jovius. The sky father, leader of the pantheon.

Faela. Earth mother. She is the goddess of the natural world as well as agriculture.

Merra. Goddess of the moon and magic.

Cydon. God of the sea, husband of Merra.

Dwarf Monotheism[edit]

They believe in just one god who made the world, the people, and then some demigod helpers. These are more like angels than demigods, however, as they don’t have domain over specific places or ideas. They are the supreme being’s agents. Dwarves believe that people who believe in gods other than their own either actually are worshipping the same god as they follow, or are being deceived by trouble-making powers who seek to subvert the god’s power. The dwarves do not believe in primordial beings; the world was forged by Modan himself. To claim otherwise is blasphemy.

Name of the god: Modan.

Elven Traditions[edit]

They celebrate a different pantheon leader, depending on their race/culture. The other two are acknowledged, but not worshipped because each of the elvish races believe their god or goddess to be their creator, first ruler, and the one who watches over them. The fair elves worship Apono, god of the sun. The moon elves celebrate Mirrana the goddess of the moon. But the night elves worship Luda, Mistress of the underworld and Lady of the Dark.

Like the gods of Men, the gods of the Elves are thought to be children of primordial titans who survived their parents and drove them away.

Apono. God of the sun and sky.

Mirrana. Lady of magic and the moon.

Luda. Mistress of the Underworld, Lady of the Dark.

Goblin Tribal Religion[edit]

Goblins worship gods that represent emotions and ideas rather than those whose comprise the elements or the world around them. Aside from the primary gods goblins traditionally follow, they may also worship powerful leaders and frightening monsters, believing them to be avatars of the Horned God or children of Black Malla.

The Horned God. God of the hunt, he is the leader of the goblin pantheon. When he is pleased, his people have food and wealth. When he is not, they must impress him with their cunning and ability to hunt and take trophies (which includes capturing slaves).

Black Malla. Goddess of night, magic and the mysteries. Goblin witches and witch doctors are thought to gain all manner of powers by consorting with her.

Other People of Faeln[edit]

Many times they pick up on the religion of their neighbors, but just as often they follow a plethora of gods that spring from their own traditions and legends.