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Weapons, Guns, and Armor (Includes Jedi Civil War-era Equipment)[edit]

Advanced Weapons (Aspects and Special Attack Effects) Class Cost
Vibrodagger Finesse or Ranged Fair (+2)
Vibroblade Martial Good (+3)
Dire vibroblade Massive Great (+4)
Double vibroblade Massive Superb (+5)
Force Pike (Stun Setting)* Martial Great (+4)
Shock Staff (Phrik Alloy)* Finesse Superb (+5)
Electrostaff (Stun Setting) Finesse Fantastic (+6)
Vibro-ax* Martial Great (+4)
Exotic Weapons (Aspects and Special Attack Effects) Class Cost
Shyarn (Close Combat Weapon, Magnetic) Finesse Good (+3)
Fira (Cortosis Weave)* Finesse Great (+4)
Ang’garok (2H)* Martial Great (+4)
Zhaboka (Long Weapon)* Martial Superb (+5)
Lightsabers (Aspects and Special Attack Effects) Class Cost
Guard Shoto (Close Combat Lightsaber)* Finesse Epic (+7)
Lightfoil (Lightning Fast Lightsaber)* Finesse Fantastic (+6)
Lightsaber (Lightsaber)* Martial Fantastic (+6)
Lightsaber, cross-guard (Duelist’s Lightsaber) Finesse Fantastic (+6)
Lightsaber, double (Double Lightsaber) Martial Epic (+7)
Lightsaber, dual-phase (Adjustable Blade Lightsaber) Martial Epic (+7)
Lightsaber, dueling (Duelists Lightsaber) Finesse Fantastic (+6)
Lightsaber, long-handle (Long Haft Lightsaber) Martial Fantastic (+6)
Lightsaber, short (Close Combat Lightsaber) Finesse Fantastic (+6)
Lightsaber pike (Long Haft Lightsaber) Martial Epic (+7)
Simple Weapons (Aspects and Attack Effects) Class Cost
Knife (Close Combat Weapon, Short Range) Finesse or Ranged Mediocre (+0)
Club/baton Martial Mediocre (+0)
Stun baton (Stun Setting) Martial Mediocre (+0)
Mace Martial Fair (+2)
Spear (Long) Martial Average (+1)
Staff (Rapid) Finesse Average (+1)
Short Sword (Close Combat Weapon) Finesse Fair (+2)
War Sword Martial Good (+3)
Dire Sword Massive Great (+4)
Double-bladed sword (Double Weapon) Martial Great (+4)
Combat gloves None Good (+3)
Exotic Guns (Aspects and Special Attack Effects) Class Cost
Aural Blaster (Unblockable, Short Range)* Ranged Fantastic (+6)
Bowcaster (Limited Ammunition)* Ranged Epic (+7)
Flamethrower (Unblockable, Short Range) Ranged Superb (+5)
Lanvarok, Massassi (Staff) Ranged Superb (+5)
Lanvarok, Sith* Ranged Superb (+5)
Heavy Guns (Aspects and Special Attack Effects) Category Cost
Carbonite rifle (Heavy Weapon, Freeze)* Ranged Epic (+7)
Grenade launcher* (Heavy Weapon, Limited Ammo) Ranged Epic (+7)
Blaster, Heavy repeating* (Heavy Weapon) Ranged Legendary (+8)
Missile Launcher* (Heavy Weapon, Limited Ammo) Ranged Epic (+7)
Blaster, E-Web Repeating (Heavy Weapon, Requires a Tripod to be Fired)* Ranged Legendary (+8)
Pistols (Aspects and Special Attack Effects) Category Cost
Blaster pistol, hold-out (Easily Concealed Pistol)* Ranged Great (+4)
Blaster pistol (Stun Setting, Pistol) Ranged Superb (+5)
Blaster pistol, sporting (Stun Setting, Pistol) Ranged Great (+4)
Ion pistol (Ion Weapon, Pistol) Ranged Great (+4)
Needler (Pistol) Ranged Great (+4)
Pulse-wave pistol (Pistol) Ranged Good(+3)
Ripper (Vicious Pistol) Ranged Great (+4)
Sonic disrupter (Disrupter Pistol)* Ranged Great (+4)
Sonic pistol (Unblockable Pistol) Ranged Great (+4)
Sonic pistol, heavy (Unblockable Pistol) Ranged Superb (+5)
Slugthrower pistol (Pistol) Ranged Good (+3)
Rifles (Aspects and Special Attack Effects) Bonus Cost
Blaster rifle, sporting (Stun Setting) Ranged Great (+4)
Blaster carbine/rifle (Stun Setting)* Ranged Fantastic (+6)
Blaster rifle, assault* Ranged Fantastic (+6)
Blaster carbine, repeating (Very High Rate of Fire)* Ranged Epic (+7)
Ion carbine/rifle (Ion Weapon)* Ranged Superb (+5)
Pulse-wave rifle* Ranged Superb (+5)
Slugthrower rifle Ranged Great (+4)
Sonic rifle (Unblockable)* Ranged Fantastic (+6)
Grenades Power Range Cost
Grenade, fragmentation* Great (+4) 1 (affects a zone) Great (+4)
Grenade, ion* Great (+4) 1 (affects a zone) Superb (+5)
Grenade, stun Great (+4) 1(affects a zone) Good (+3)
Thermal detonator* Superb (+5) 1 (affects 2 zones) Epic (+7)
Adhesive grenade (Snare) Great (+4) 1 (affects a zone) Good (+3)
CyroBan grenade (Freeze)* Good (+3) 1 (affects a zone) Good (+3)

Note: Grenades are explosives and follow a single, but lethal rule. If the grenade hits it’s area (an Average (+1) difficulty assuming the attacker throws it at least one zone away), then everyone in the zone must make an Athletics role versus the Power of the grenade. Failure means the character is Taken Out if the grenade was lethal in nature, or has an aspect placed on them if non-lethal. Success means the character takes a Major consequence if the grenade was lethal, or has a boost against them if the grenade was non-lethal. Success with style means the character avoids all effects the grenade might have.

The Range assumes a thrown grenade. Grenades fired by a grenade launcher use the launcher’s Range instead.

Simple Weapon Category Cost
Sling Ranged Mediocre (+0)
Bow Ranged Average (+1)
Armor Free Invokes Cost
Energy shields 1/scene Superb (+5)
Fiber armor 1 Superb (+5)
Battle armor, light 1 Superb (+5)
Battle armor, light powered 1 Fantastic (+6)
Mesh armor 2 Fantastic (+6)
Weave armor 2 Fantastic (+6)
Battle armor, medium powered 2 Epic (+7)
Matrix Armor 3 Epic (+7)
Battle armor, heavy powered 3 Legendary (+8)
Republic Armor (both Armor and Energy Shield combined) Free Invokes Cost
Republic light armor (Commlink, Energy Shield)* 1 n/a
Republic combat armor (Commlink, Energy Shield, can be upgrade for environmental/vacuum support)* 2 n/a
Republic heavy armor (Commlink, energy Shield, can be upgrade for environmental/vacuum support)* 3 n/a
Mandalorian Armor (often energy shields are added) Free Invokes Cost
Neo-Crusader light armor (Commlink, Life Support, Jet Pack) 1 n/a
Mandalorian combat suit (Commlink, Life Support, Jet Pack) 1 n/a
Mandalorian battle armor (Commlink, Life Support, Jet Pack) 2 n/a
Mandalorian Neo-Crusader battle armor w/ energy shields (Commlink, Life Support, Jet Pack) 3 n/a

‘’Equipment marked with an asterisk (*) is restricted. A character must have an aspect or special reason to have this item.’’

Weapon Class[edit]

Several classes of weapons are described. The Class of a weapon describes in general terms how a weapon might be used. See the list below.

  • Finesse weapons grant a +1 to Create an Advantage actions using them.
  • Martial weapons grant +1 bonus stress upon a successful attack action.
  • Ranged weapons can be used to target people and things anywhere on the battlefield (unless the weapon also has the Short Range aspect — see below)
  • Massive weapons grant +2 bonus stress upon a successful attack action, but the wielder must always go last in an exchange.

Weapon Aspects[edit]

2H. Weapons with the 2H Aspect means that shields cannot be used with it.

Commlink. Equipment with this aspect allows the character to speak to others with the same equipment over any distance.

Cortosis Weave or Phrik Alloy. Equipment with this aspect can resist energy weapons, including lightsabers. So, armor with this aspect can be invoked to aid defend actions against lightsabers.

Disrupter. These weapons atomize victims. When a target is Taken Out by this weapon, they are disintegrated, typically in an extremely painful way.

Easily Concealed. Invoke this aspect for a bonus to Stealth rolls to hide the item.

Freeze. The weapon also places a "frozen" aspect on the target on a successful hit. If not removed somehow, then the next exchange it will become a Major consequence.

Heavy Weapon. These weapons are Giant Scale weapons that can be wielded by a person (or perhaps a small team of person-sized creatures). See Matters of Scale. When attacking person-scale targets, attack an entire zone and then add an aspect to the zone such as ‘’’’’On Fire’’’’’ or ‘’’’’Cratered’’’’’.

Ion Weapon. These weapons do half damage (round up the amount of stress inflicted) to organics but droids, vehicles and characters with cybernetic replacements are vulnerable to Ion Weapons' full damage. This Aspect is always "on", and does not need to be tagged.

Jet Pack. These allow the character to ignore barrier penalties in situations where rocket-assisted leaps can cross the barrier. Armor penalties still reduce any Maneuver rolls, however.

Life Support. Equipment with this aspect includes built-in life support systems capable of keeping the wearer alive even in the vacuum of space. If duration is important, most such systems can work for 10 hours or less.

Lightsaber. Targets may not invoke armor for defense against a lightsaber (unless it has a Cortosis or Phrik Alloy aspect), but they may invoke an energy shield.

Limited Ammo. These weapons have especially limited ammunition. This aspect can be compelled any time after the weapon is used to declare the weapon is ‘’’’’Out of Ammunition’’’’’.

Pistol. Pistols are effective out to a range of two zones.

Rapid. The weapon is designed to make very quick attacks. Invoke this aspect for a bonus to any action performed using this weapon.

Short Range. Weapons with a Short Range have increased difficulty to hit a target depending on their distance. Increase the difficulty to hit (or add a bonus to a defense roll) by +1 per zone of distance to the target.

Snare. Characters hit with a Snare attack take no damage but acquire a Snared aspect that prevents physical actions. It can be broken with an overcome action using Physique against a Fair (+2) difficulty. Snared comes with one free invoke; an attack that succeeded with style grant two free invokes instead. These can be spent to increase the difficulty to escape the snare.

Stun Setting. The weapon can be set to "stun", which, if used, will inflict an Aspect "Stunned" on the target and a subsequent Minor Consequence on the target. Armor does not defend against this attack, although Energy Shields may.

Unblockable. Can't be blocked by a lightsaber (typically using the Fight stunts Deflect or Reflect).

Very High Rate of Fire. Invoke this aspect for a bonus to attack.

Vicious. Invoke this aspect after a successful attack to gain a bonus to stress done to the target.


Armor can be invoked for a bonus to defense actions to defend against a physical attack. Aside from paying a Fate point for the bonus, armor can be invoked a number of times per game session for free. In general, that means light armor can be invoked for free once per session, medium armor twice per session and heavy armor three times per session.

Armor Repair[edit]

Between fights, a character with Engineering can make an Overcome roll to restore those free invocations (up to the maximum number of free invokes possible with that grade of armor, or two invokes, which ever is lower). The difficulty is Mediocre (+0) unless the character has taken consequences indicating battle damage to their armor. In that case, the difficulty increases by +2 for each consequence affecting the armor. Thus, a successful Engineering roll can restore a single free invoke for light armor or up to two free invokes for medium or heavy armor, assuming success with style was achieved. Only one Engineering roll to restore free invokes can be made per scene.

Energy Shields[edit]

Energy shields can be invoked once for free per scene.

Building Lightsabers[edit]

See the notes under the Fight skill.

Lightsaber Customization[edit]

Alternate crystals may be acquired to allow customization and personalization. Basic crystals can be found in yellow, blue and green. The synthetic crystals Sith use are red. Other colors are possible, usually a side effect of a special crystal. The effect of such crystals are usually described as an Aspect that can be invoked by the wielders. These rare crystals are not available for purchase and must be found or gifted.

Lightsaber crystals include:

Crystal Color Difficulty Modifier to Build Rarity Effect
Ankarres Sapphire Blue +1 Exotic Invoke to gain a bonus on the Force Trance trapping of the Mysteries skill.
Barab Ingot Various +1 Exotic Instead of a smooth energy blade, the lightsaber burns as if on fire.
Bondar Green +0 Very Rare This green crystal grants the Stun Setting Aspect. When invoked, it operates as per the Stun Setting Aspect listed in the weapon notes
Compressed Crystal Red, others +1 Very Rare Invoke to gain a bonus on setting up Block maneuvers.
Corusca gem Various +0 Very Rare This crystal causes the blade to react to tough materials. If the target has Armor, invoke to do extra damage.
Dantari Various +0 Exotic This crystal causes the color of the blade to lighten or darken according to the number of the wielder’s light or dark side Aspects.
Dragite Various +1 Very Rare The blade, when striking targets, emits ear-splitting sound. Invoke to do extra sonic damage.
Durindfire Silver +0 Very Rare Lights an area like a fusion lantern.
Firkraan or Luxum Various +0 Very Rare Either of these crystals will make the lightsaber an Ion Weapon as per the weapon Aspects listed above.
Heart of the Guardian Orange +2 Exotic Invoke to gain a bonus to attack lightsaber-wielders.
Hurikane Blue or violet +1 Very Rare Invoke to gain a bonus to attack opponents in armor.
Jenraux Varies +0 Very Rare This crystal provide a wider blade. Tag this Aspect to gain a bonus on attempts to set up blocks for either weapon attacks or incoming ranged attacks.
Kaiburr Crystal Shard Crimson +1 Exotic When using a Fate point to gain a bonus to hit, if the attack strikes, then damage increases by +1 automatically (no extra Fate point expenditure required).
Kasha Varies +0 Very Rare Invoke to gain a bonus when making a defensive Resolve roll.
Kathracite Varies -1 Rare Permanently grants a +1 bonus to attack at a penalty to −2 stress to the lightsaber’s damage. No special Invoke required. This crystal is often used in training sabers.
Krayt Dragon Pearl Varies +2 Exotic Invoke to gain a bonus to damage.
Mantle of the Force Cya +2 Exotic Gain a permanent bonus of +1 to activate any Force powers that affect only you. No special Invoke required.
Mephite or Ilum Blue or green +0 Rare Standard crystal used in Jedi lightsabers.
Opila Varies +0 Very Rare Invoke to gain a bonus to damage when the attack generates 3 or more shifts.
Phond Varies +0 Very Rare This crystal provides an energetic beam that reacts with energy shields. Invoke this Aspect to gain +2 when attacking targets equipped with energy shields.
Pontite Blue or green +1 Very Rare The wielder of a saber with this crystal takes no penalty on Rapport rolls against neutral or hostile targets.
Rubat, Erulat and Upari Varies +0 Very Rare These crystals provide great definition to the lightsaber blade. Invoke this Aspect to re-roll an attack.
Sigil, Nextor or Sapith Varies +0 Very Rare These crystals are incredibly efficient. Tag the Aspect to gain +2 stress on a successful hit.
Damind, Solari Varies +0 Very Rare This crystal changes the width of the blade and is specifically suited to deflecting incoming attacks. Invoke this Aspect to gain a +2 on a defensive Fight roll when using the Deflection or Reflection Stunts.
Synthetic Crystal Red +0 Rare Standard crystal used in Sith lightsabers.
Unstable Crystal Varies +1 Very Rare Invoke when an attack generates 3 or more shifts to gain +2 damage. However if the dice turn up −4 (or −5 if using the 2d6 system) before adding skill, the lightsaber turns off.

The rarity of lightsaber crystals can be used as a guide to their relative worth. Some very rare crystals are actually jewels and exotic crystals are either extremely dangerous to recover or parts of unique artifacts. Rare crystals are general worth thousands of credits if purchased on the open market, very rare tens or even hundreds of thousands, and exotic crystals, if they can even be found on the market, are worth millions.


Droids can be built like any other character. The following rules are the same as those describing NPCs in Fate Core, but repeated here for reference.

Most droids will be nameless characters of Average (no stress boxes, any damage takes them out), Fair (one stress box), or Good (two stress boxes). They have a column of a couple skills with the highest equal to their rating. They might have one or two aspects.

Important droids can be build like supporting characters, with higher skills and a few aspects. One or two stunts are also appropriate.

Very important droids are those that are named and detailed at or above the level of PCs in terms of skill and possessing a number of stunts.

Droids have the advantage of not needing sleep, eat, or breath. However, they are affected by ion weapons as if they were lethal to them and so take full damage. They also do not “heal”, but must be repaired to recover from damage. This works essentially the same as healing in any character, except that it requires an Engineering roll instead of Lore or Healing.


Sometimes a character might suffer an extreme injury that involves the loss of a limb. Recovery typically involves replacement of the limb with a mechanical substitute. As for any extreme injury, an aspect must be permanently changed or added to describe injury. So, when the recovery process is begun, a character should change an aspect to reflect that she now has a cybernetic implant. She will be affected by ion weapons at full damage instead of half damage, and the aspect may be compelled to describe some kind of malfunction.

Some characters may (rarely) voluntarily opt for implants that grant them extra facility or skill. An aspect should be taken in order to reflect the cybernetic modification, and then Refresh might be spent to purchase appropriate stunts.

For example a Cybernetic aspect might justify the purchase of Incredible Strength (see the Races section for a description), or a player might purchase other special stunts normally available only to certain races, like Night Vision or Infravision.


The simplest way to handle vehicles is to provide a set of aspects. Players will man the vehicle so it makes sense to have them use their own skills to pilot them, fire guns, and avoid damage.

Ships can take a Mild, Major, and Severe consequence, but have no stress boxes of their own. Optionally, a character can opt to take a consequence for a ship, if they are the pilot or a member of the crew.

Vehicles that come with their own crew or designed to work on their own (such as for droid tanks, droid fighters, and the like), can have their own skill tree. Examples of vehicles follow in the Vehicles section below.

Matters of Scale