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Force skills require an aspect describing your character's connection to the Force. Also, you should have purchased the Mysteries of the Force skill at a minimum level of Average.

Those skills and stunts listed as Dark Side are powers that can cause a character to acquire Seduction of the Dark Side stunts. Those listed as Light Side are restricted to those who have no Seduction of the Dark Side stunts.

Defensive Use of Powers[edit]

When battling another Force user, if your character has the same Force skill that is being used against her, she can use her Force skill to defend. For example, if a Sith character uses Telekinesis against a Jedi that has this Force skill, the Jedi has the option to use his Telekinesis skill defensively. If his defense is succeeds with style, then the attack is turned back upon the attacker, who suffers the result of his own attack.


Alter Environment[edit]

This ability allows the Force adept to manipulate the environment by drawing upon the Force present in things and people around him. This can allow him to manipulation temperature, atmospheric conditions and even cause fissures to open in the ground. Use this skill to create advantages by manipulation of the environment as well as to directly attack targets using environmental effects such as heat and cold, electrical shock or lightning, etc.

Overcome. This skill can be used to quell weather effects that directly affect him.

Create an Advantage. Use this skill to place environment and weather-related effects directly upon a target.

Attack. Use environmental effects to do damage to a target.

Defend. This skill is not used to defend.

Alter Environment Stunts[edit]

Affect Area. This stunt allows the Force user to use Alter Environment to affect an entire zone without penalty.

Emanate Energy[edit]

At its basic level, Emanate Energy allows the Force user to emit some kind of destructive energy. This should be defined either when the skill is taken, or via stunts available for this power. Energy defenses such as shields can defend against attacks by Emanate Energy. Shifts gained in such attacks do Physical or Structure Stress, depending on the target. Generally, Armor will not provide any benefit against Emanate Energy Attacks.

Overcome. This ability is rare used to overcome obstacles, though it’s possible.

Create an Advantage. Blasts of energy can be used to stun, shock, slow and knock targets off balance. Some practitioners can even form emanated energies to form a bubble, thereby creating aspects that aid in defense.

Attack. This is the most common use of the skill. Emanate Energy causes physical stress, but has a range of up to 1 zone. So, a Force user with this skill can use it in his same zone or up to one zone away.

Defend. This skill doesn’t really have a defensive application other than defending against another Emanate Energy attack.

Emanate Energy Stunts[edit]

Destruction. Dark side. Drawing upon the dark side, (and spending a Fate point) the character is able to unleash a massive attack that affects an entire zone indiscriminately.

Chain Lightning. Dark side. Requires Force Lightning. You gain a +2 to attack rolls when attacking more than one target.

Force Lightning. Dark side. The character draws upon warped dark side powers to inflict direct harm on a target. Upon a successful Emanate Energy attack, a Fate point may be spent to inflict an automatic Aspect, “Electrocuted”, or a minor consequence.

Force Shock. Dark side. You gain a +2 to create an advantage rolls to place a Shock boost on a target. This is typically used to aid the Force user in executing some attack or to track a moving target. The boost disappears after the end of your next turn or when it is used, whichever comes first.

Force Storm. Dark side. Requires Force Lightning. Once per combat, you can attack the entire zone you occupy or an adjacent zone with Force Lightning. You can spend a Fate point to place an Electrocuted aspect or consequence on all targets in the zone. This attack does not harm you, of course.

Force Stun. You can use create an advantage to place an aspect Deadened Senses on multiple opponents. When you target more than one you gain a +2 to the roll. This action can be resisted with Will. Against nameless NPCs, you can make this an attack instead, gaining the same +2 bonus. If the targets are Taken Out, they are not dead but places in an insensate form of stasis.

Ionize. This stunt grants a +2 bonus to use of Emanate Energy against droids.

Plant Surge. Light side. You can manipulate the life energy of vegetation to cause it to grow and move at a greatly increased speed. Once per scene you can use create an advantage to place an aspect on an entire zone such as Grapple. Individuals may resist with Athletics or other appropriate defensive skill.

Ranged Emanate Energy. Requires one other Emanate Energy stunt. You can use your Emanate Energy powers up to one zone away per skill level.

Energy Absorption[edit]

This skill lets the Force user absorb energy from an external source to heal one stress box. The source might be ambient energy such as warmth, power cells, or the energy shed by living beings. Taking one of the following Stunts defines the use of this power further. Unless the Distance Drain stunt is purchased, all uses of this power requires touch.

Overcome. To heal a stress box, you must overcome a difficulty equal to the box being regenerate and there must be some source of energy nearby. So if you wish to regenerate your second stress box, that’s a difficulty of Fair (+2).

Create an Advantage. By default this power doesn’t damage or alter energy sources, but stunts can change that.

Attack. This power can’t be used to attack without a stunt to power it.

Defend. This power has no defensive capabilities without a stunt.

Energy Absorption Stunts[edit]

Drain Power. This allows the Force user to drain the power from batteries or power packs for weapons or droids. The range for this power is touch, but the Force user can use this skill instead of Fight to make the attack. Extra shifts done deal stress to droids and equipment that depend on power. You can pay a Fate point to apply an Aspect to the target such as “Running low on power!” on a successful hit.

Negate Energy Attack. When avoiding an energy attack (ranged or close combat), the Force user may substitute Energy Absorption for his defense skill.

Drain Life. Dark Side Requires Negate Energy Attack. Use Energy Absorption to attack. If the target marks off a stress box, you may clear a like stress box on your character sheet, if it’s filled. You must be able to touch your target. Or, instead of dealing and healing stress, the you can pay a Fate point to inflict a mild consequence on the target, while instantly healing a mild consequence of your own.

Distance Drain. Requires two Energy Absorption stunts. Instead of requiring the user to touch the target, Energy Absorption works on any target in the same zone as the Force user or up to one zone away.

Force Illusions[edit]

A rare ability, Force Illusions allows a Force user to create illusions either in the mind of a subject (an hallucination) or as images that can be seen by anyone at the cost of 1 Fate point per scene. A hallucination can be of any scale the Force user chooses so manipulations of the power is more often done to affect the number of targets (-1 to the skill roll per extra target). The number of targets for an image is irrelevant since anyone can see it, but the scale of an image defaults to person-sized and making it larger requires manipulating the skill (-1 per change in scale). As a rule, if the image is ten times bigger than you, then it costs you a −1 to your Force Illusions skill to pull it off. The next step up would be ten times bigger than that (so 100 times bigger than you), and that would cost a −2 penalty to your Force Illusions skill. The difficulty is usually Mediocre unless you are being distracted (Average), or in the middle of combat (Fair). The GM may decide to increase the difficulty depending on the complexity of the illusion, as well.

Illusions can also be used hide a target’s identity, provide light in a dark place, sow confusion, and place scene Aspects that enhance or alter appearance. Such aspects may be removed if a viewer has good reason to believe it to be false and overcomes your own Force Illusions skill with a defensive skill such as Will.

Overcome. Creating a static illusion is the simplest use of this skill. Difficulties range from Mediocre to Fair, although the Illusion might be actively resisted if a subject has reason to believe what they are seeing isn’t real.

Create an Advantage. Force Illusions can be used to place scene aspects on yourself to enhance disguises or hide yourself.

Attack. This skill doesn’t inflict direct damage, but could cause incidental damage or cause a target to believe himself injured. Illusions never cause physical stress — only mental stress can be inflicted by an illusion.

Defend. Force Illusions has no defensive application.


The character can tap into the Force to provide healing for others or herself. You can use this power to heal Physical Stress damage equal to shifts generated, allow a target to ignore the effects of a consequence or poison for a period on the Time chart equal to shifts generated, and place beneficial Aspects on a target.

Overcome. Use Healing on another person’s behalf to heal stress in combat. The difficulty is equal to the stress box being healed. So, if healing the 3rd stress box, your difficulty is Good (+3). You may also suspend the effects of aspects placed on a target such as Poisoned or a consequence aspect. Make a Fair (+2) Healing roll. On success, no one may invoke those aspects against the target character for the duration of the scene, although new aspects or consequences could be placed on the subject character again.

You may also use Healing outside of combat to make the overcome roll to begin healing physical consequences on yourself or on behalf of another. The difficulty depends on the consequence. Mild is Fair, Major is Great, and Severe is Fantastic. Healing yourself is more difficult than healing another; increase the difficulty by +2 when using Healing to make an overcome roll to begin healing your own physical consequences.

Create an Advantage. Use Healing to place scene aspects such as Envigorated on yourself or another.

Attack. This Force skill is not use to attack anyone.

Defend. This Force skill is not used to defend.

Healing Stunts[edit]

Cure Disease and Poison. Light Side Gain a +2 to the skill check for this activity. The difficulty is typically Fair, though especially vicious diseases and strong poisons might have a higher difficulty. If successful, the aspect is removed from the target.

Restore Life. Spend a Fate point and make an overcome roll using Healing against a Fantastic (+6) difficulty, +1 for day that has passed since the time of death. On success, the target is dragged back from death itself and restored to life with all Stress restored, but any consequences remain (although they can be treated). The target also loses 1 skill point per day they have been dead. An attempt may be made only once. If the attempt is failed, it may not be attempted again. If the attempt fails by 3 or more, then a more severe disaster ensues. Because restoring life to the dead rips the soul of the target from the Force itself, extreme failure means that spirit is torn from the afterlife and left to wander the mortal galaxy. This usually results in the practitioner of this power, however well-meaning, being haunted by these Force Spirits or Dark Side Spirits. Which it becomes depends on the disposition of the spirit.

Mind Attack[edit]

A character with this skill can directly attack the mind of a target. Roll this skill against Will for the defender and inflict Mental Stress equal to the shifts generated.

Overcome. This skill is rarely used to overcome obstacles.

Create an Advantage. Mind Attack could be used to place aspects on victims instead of straight damage, such as “Under Mental Assault!” or “Migraine”.

Attack. Use this skill to deal mental stress.

Defend. This skill is not typically used in any kind of defensive role.

Mind Attack Stunts[edit]

Drain Knowledge. Instead of using shifts to cause stress, the attack can pluck thoughts or memories from the victim. Success with style grants two thoughts or memories.

Mind Blast. Instead of doing shifts of Stress, a character may instead pay a Fate point to inflict an automatic consequence.

Mind Trick[edit]

Basic use of this skill is to make suggestions nameless characters can’t refuse. If a leader is present, then the Mind Trick skill must overcome the leader’s Will skill. This can be used to cause the minions to ignore the character, allow them to pass, leave, or the like. It can’t cause them to kill themselves. This usually places a scene aspect like “Tricked!” on the subject. If the Force user pays a Fate point, she can cause nameless characters she “won over” to join and attach to her instead, for the duration of the scene.

Overcome. This skill typically isn’t used to overcome obstacles.

Create an Advantage. This is the primary use for Mind Trick. Place aspects that describe the kind of subterfuge you intend to do to your target’s mind. For supporting characters, minions with a leader, and named NPCs, the suggestion lasts only until the task is carried out, and they will recall your trickery. If the trick places an aspect which is completely against the wishes of the target (such as "Commit Suicide", "Jump Off a Ledge" or similar aspects), the GM has the right to say that the action fails -- further, recall that such failures can end up granting the target aspect he can use against the aggressor.

Attack. This skill can’t be used to directly attack someone without a stunt.

Defend. This skill isn’t used defensively.

Mind Trick Stunts[edit]

Fear. Dark Side Grants the ability to use the attack action by inflicting feelings of terror in targets.

Horror. Dark Side Grants the ability to inflict Fear upon an entire zone. Targets Taken Out by this power may flee or enter catatonia or incapacitating, deranged madness.

Mental Domination. Dark Side. This stunt allows the Force user to pay a Fate point to enter mental combat. Use the Mind Trick skill versus Will or the defender’s Mind Trick skill if applicable. Stress done is applied to the mental stress track. While the attack is under way, the victim is at a −3 to any physical action unless she pays a Fate point to take an action. If the victim is Taken Out by Mental Domination, she is under the complete control of her new master, so long as the dominator continues to concentrate. If the dominator takes a consequence, he loses control over his dominated victim and the victim escapes with no mental stress and one mental consequence.

Mental Shield. Should the character come under attack from Mental Domination, she ignores the −3 penalty to physical actions.


Use this skill to gain insight into something that happened in the current area in the past. The difficulty will depend on how far in the past you are looking. The number of shifts you gain on success will determine the number of tidbits of information the Storyteller may provide.

Overcome. Roll Postcognition against a difficulty of Mediocre to look into a very recent event of a few minutes ago. Difficulties go up from there:

Time Difficulty
Hours ago Average (+1)
Days ago Fair (+2)
Weeks ago Good (+3)
Months ago Great (+4)
Years ago Superb (+5)
Decades ago Fantastic (+6)
Centuries ago Epic (+7)
Millenia ago Legendary (+8)

Create an Advantage. You may be able to use this skill to place a scene aspect if you can imagine how knowing some part of a location’s past might aid you.

Attack. This skill cannot be used to attack.

Defend. This skill cannot be used to defend.

Sever Force[edit]

This rare ability attack's a Force user's connection to the Force. The light side variant is often referred to as Force Light. Force Light draws upon the light side of the Force (and therefore cannot be used by those with Seduction of the Dark Side stunts) to purge places of dark side power, and even dark siders themselves. But Sever Force is essentially the same power and can be used to sever any Force user, not just dark siders, from the Force.

Overcome. You can use Force Light in extended challenges to purge or cleanse places of dark side power. Note that some places are so immersed in the dark side they can manifest creatures or ghosts to defend itself.

Create an Advantage. You can use Force Light to create defensive aspects to protect you from the dark side. Or you can use Sever Force to disrupt your Force-using opponents.

Attack. You can use Sever Force to deal stress to a target, which can defend with Mysteries of the Force, Will or Energy Absorption. Stress done is usually mental and a Taken Out results in the subject being cut off from the Force. It is a non-lethal power.

Defend. This skill is not used to defend.


This power works much like the Physique skill, but it can be used at range. When used to attack, shifts generated are used to inflict Physical Stress. This power can also be used to defend against physical attacks. Delicate manipulations are possible with the basic use of this power, as well.

Note that this skill, unique among all Force powers, can be used by default (Mediocre +0) by any character with the Mysteries skill and a Force-related Aspect.

Overcome. Telekinesis can be used like Physique to overcome obstacles. See that skill for examples.

Create an Advantage. You can use Telekinesis like Physique to place aspects except you can do so from range. Grappling people from a distance is helpful.

Attack. You can use Telekinesis to deal direct damage to an opponent, much like the Shooting skill. By default, you can attack targets in your zone in an adjacent zone. You can attack more distant targets at a cost of −1 per extra zone distant.

Defend. Use Telekinesis to defend against physical attacks.

Telekinesis Stunts[edit]

Choke. On a successful attack, you can inflict a Choking boost that lasts one round (unless you continue the effect by making another successful attack). If your attack fails, you may not use Choke again on that target for the rest of the scene.

Fly. Requires Levitate. The difficulty is Fair (+2) or the number of physical stress boxes you have. If you want to fly for more than one exchange, you must keep making Telekinesis rolls against a difficulty based on your weight. Success means you can overcome any barrier over which you can fly.

Force Wave. Unleashes telekinetic power on everything in your zone, except yourself. You can attack the entire area with a single die roll without penalty, once per scene.

Kill. Dark Side Use the Force to crush and destroy a vital organ in your target. This is effective against nameless NPCs. Success means no stress is done, but that single target is immediately dead. Supporting and Named NPCs aren't so easily destroyed; make Choke, Wound or other Telekinetic attack to inflict stress until such targets are taken out for a similar effect.

Levitate. Cause the target to levitate. The difficulty to move an amount of weight is Fair (+2) or the number of physical or structural stress boxes the object or creature has.

Lightsaber Throw. This stunt allows you to attack an adjacent zone with a lightsaber, or anyone in the same zone. In addition, if the lightsaber lands somewhere in the same zone as the character, she may make a Telekinesis roll to return the weapon instantly to her hand as a free action.

Rend. Dark Side Use Telekinesis to move a single object or person in two directions at once. This stunt grants +2 physical stress on a successful attack action.

Saber Barrier. Gain a +2 to your Telekinesis skill to create a Saber Barrier aspect using at least one spare lightsaber. You can invoke the aspect to defend against close combat attacks.

Telekinetic Combat. You may use your Telekinesis skill in place of Fight when you use it with a lightsaber to attack and defend against targets in the same zone as you.

Wind. An ancient Sith technique, Wind is used to attack an entire zone within site with telekinetic power, but costs 1 Fate point to do so.

Wound. Dark Side The character draws upon warped dark side powers to inflict direct harm on a target. A Fate point may be spent to inflict an automatic Aspect, “Damaged Lungs”, or a consequence upon a successful Telekinesis attack.


This power essentially allows the character to use Deceit, Empathy, and Rapport at range and without using his voice. This skill restricts the use of those skills, so if Telepathy is lower than the skill the character is using a −1 penalty is applied. Opening communication requires a Telepathy roll versus a difficulty that adds number of zones and barrier values.

Overcome. Telepathy can be used to communicate at range. To do so, overcome a difficulty based on the number of zones separating the telepath from her target. In a combat scene, zones are typically drawn on a small scale and so Telepathy wouldn’t be used to contact someone in another city for example. Out of combat, the GM may decide to describe much bigger zones as being regional in size, but that it takes a more time to establish contact with the intended recipient. The next scale up might have zones described as planetary, low orbit, and high orbit, but require long minutes for the telepath to establish contact. Greater scales might be used, but it could take a telepath hours or days to establish a connection. In addition, mental shielding or barriers might increase the difficulty to establish communication on any scale.

All this also assumes the target is willing to communicate. Telepathy cannot be used to force communication where it is not welcome. To do that, see the Mental Domination stunt under the Mind Trick skill.

Create an Advantage. Telepathy might be used to set up an advantage for your allies by applying scene aspects such as “Synchronized” or “Coordinated Attacks” or “Organized Defense”.

Attack. Telepathy cannot be used to attack another person’s mind.

Defend. Telepathy is not a defensive skill.

Telepathy Stunts[edit]

Comprehend Speech. Using Telepathy, you can comprehend the speech of a target even if you do not know the language.

Modifiers for Force Skills[edit]

Most Force skill can be modified to affect multiple targets or to affect areas. The following table provides a general guide to follow.

Goal Cost
Affect more than one target split the dice plus skill total among the defenders, with a minimum of 1 point per target.
Affect an entire area This is most easily done by placing an aspect on the scene, though be aware anyone can invoke that, though perhaps not for free. Attacking everyone in a zone requires a stunt or special equipment such as explosives.
Affect something at a range greater than 1 zone -1 per zone of distance. Zones might be defined as areas much larger than those used in a combat scene, if this use of a Force skill does not take place in combat.
Affect something of Giant Scale Purchase a stunt for the power you wish to use to affect things of a Giant scale.
To make the effects of a Force skill last more than one exchange Make a new skill roll each exchange to continue the effect.
To gain temporary access to a stunt you don't have Spend a Fate point to acquire it for one use at a dramatic moment.

The Force