GC Extra - Hyperspace Travel

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Hyperspace travel requires a Pilot skill roll using against a Mediocre difficulty in order to plot a course. The time required is “a few minutes” if navigation data is 1 day old or less. Otherwise, the time required is an hour. Modifiers include:

Situation (Modifier)

  • Using a nav computer (ship has Ship Systems skill) (+1)
  • No nav computer is used (-2)
  • No Holonet access (-1)

Base Time Required = 1 + the number of steps up or down the chart in days. Add another 1 day base travel time when traveling to a different quadrant. (Imagine the galaxy divided into 4 quadrants.)

Deep Core
Inner Rim
Expansion Region
Mid Rim
Outer Rim
Unknown Regions

Players with ships that have aspects indicating a fast hyperdrive might invoke that aspect to reduce travel time.

If the navigation roll is failed, the navigator may make one more attempt. If successful, then the error is caught before the ship enters Hyperspace and the process may begin anew. If failed a second time, the ship will enter Hyperspace but drop out at a random point along the journey and the ship will take a consequence.

Optional: Hyperdrive Class

If you use hyperdrive classes as presented in Wookieepedia you can factor this in by simply multiplying your travel time shown above by the class. So a class 2 hyperdrive would double the travel time, for example.