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Unless otherwise stated, all stunts mentioned can be found at the end of this section. Click the linked titles for descriptions from Wookieepedia.

Echani Martial Arts[edit]

This form of martial arts has ancient roots among the Echani people. It focuses on unarmed combat over the use of the Force and weapons, though some Jedi weapon masters and other martial artists have incorporated the form’s techniques in the use of weaponry and the Force in combat. The above link goes a long way toward explaining the style and its history. Here you will find references and pointers how to model the form in Star Wars Fate.

Because the Echani style favors athletic maneuvers such as throws and positioning in order to get in the powerful strikes, Echani practitioners avoid the use of Armor since it penalizes the Athletics skill when used to maneuver.

Tier 1: Initiate

An initiate is a practitioner who has learned the basics of Echani martial arts. An initiate should have the following skills and stunt to begin.

Skills: Athletics, Fight, Rapport.

Stunts: Martial Artist.

Tier 2: Adept

Adepts have not only mastered the etiquette required of the system, they have learned to read their foes more skillfully.

Skill: Empathy.

Stunts: Bend Like Reed, Flow Like Water (Fight)

Tier 3: Master

Stunts: Cripple, Lethal Weapon


The Echani people are a warlike race who respect the skill and art of battle. Those who come to study their martial art form have usually proved themselves worthy of being taught this art. Thus it’s possible for there to be non-Echani practitioners of the Echani martial art.

Practitioners who apply the philosophy to the use of weapons might take stunts such as Flawless Parry, and Heavy Hitter.

Hijkata Martial Arts[edit]

This is the martial arts that the Republic’s Senate Guard uses. It’s focused on defense and counterattack.

Skills: Fight, Notice

Stunts: Danger Sense (Notice), Bend Like Reed, Flow Like Water

K’Tara Martial Arts[edit]

This style focuses on quick take-outs and is used by Alliance special forces.

Skills: Fight, Stealth

Stunts: Heavy Hitter, Cripple, Killing Stroke

K’Thri Martial Arts[edit]

This brutal art form concentrates on speed and a flurry of attacks to take down foes. It makes use of legs for many of its maneuvers. Thus, practitioners must have excellent balance.

Skills: Athletics, Fight

Stunts: Martial Artist, Flying Kick, Hail Mary, Cripple.

Stava Training[edit]

A style developed by the Noghri, it’s effectiveness was clearly demonstrated on Darth Vader’s personal guard.

Skills: Athletics, Fight, Stealth

Stunts: Roll with Blow (Athletics), Cripple.

Teräs Käsi[edit]

This style was developed specifically to fight Jedi. It’s a very old martial style dating back nearly four millennia as it was practiced prior to a war involving the Jedi Council and the planet Palawa. It was also used by clone assassins during the Clone Wars.

Skills: Athletics, Fight, Will

Stunts: Martial Artist, Hardcore Parkour (Athletics), Heavy Hitter (Fight), Killing Stroke, Strength of Mind (see below)

Teräs Käsi Stunt[edit]

Strength of Mind. Your character is especially difficult for Jedi (or Sith) to influence. Gain a +2 to Will attempts to defend against Mind Trick and Mind Blast.

Wrruushi Training[edit]

This martial form is usually available only to Wookiees. It requires immense strength and the wookiee physique to be effective.

Skills: Fight, Physique

Stunts: Heavy Hitter, Cripple, Incredible Strength (see the beginning of the Races section and note that this stunt costs 2 Refresh)

General Martial Arts Stunts[edit]

Bend Like the Reed. You have a flexible martial style that allows you to turn an opponent’s attack against himself. Whenever you succeed with style on a defense action, you may spend a fate point to immediately take a free create an advantage maneuver to apply a “Throw” aspect of your choice on them.

Cripple. When your character successfully hits in a Fight attack, you can choose to forgo causing stress and instead pay a fate point cause a Consequence. This can be done just once per opponent per encounter.

Flying Kick. You are able to leap through the air, leading with a powerful kick that can lay an unsuspecting opponent out. You may move one zone and launch a Fight attack without taking a penalty for moving, or you may move two zones and make an attack at -1. All other actions that are not a Fight attack described as a flying kick, require a roll at -1 do not gain the benefits of this stunt.

Hail Mary. Your character’s wild, relentless swings grind down his opponents defenses. One target per exchange who may have taken a Full Defense action, does not get his bonus to defense against your character.

Killing Stroke. Once per scene, when you force an opponent to take a consequence, you can spend a fate point to increase the severity of the consequence that he must take (so mild becomes moderate, moderate becomes severe). If your opponent was already going to take a severe consequence, he must either take a severe consequence and a second consequence or be taken out.

Lethal Weapon. Your martial skill is dedicated to dishing out punishment, and your hands are deadly weapons. Any time your opponent opts to take a mild or major consequence from a blow you have dealt, you may spend a Fate point to increase the severity of that consequence by one step, increasing mild to moderate and moderate to severe.

Martial Artist. Your training in the martial practices of the war have honed your abilities with your Fight into a finely disciplined form that is part combat skill, part art form. This gives you an acute insight into the means and methods of warfare. You may create an advantage by using your Fight skill to study an opponent by engaging him and testing his defenses with your own martial techniques. Upon success, you have gained insight to your target’s fighting techniques, and may place an aspect on the target as usual. But whenever you invoke this aspect, you gain an additional +1 to your roll, for a total of +3 instead of the normal bonus of +2.

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