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For the Star Wars fan of the Force, we have assembled here a great majority of Force powers known in the setting and how they might be presented in Galactic Core. Those wishing to make truly unique and deep Force using characters might find inspiration with some of these abilities. Everything you need to represent all the below powers is present in Galactic Core. The following gathers it all in one place.

These powers are divided upon three major branches, as per Jedi vs. Sith: The Essential Guide to the Force: Control, Alter and Sense.

Control Powers[edit]

Alchaka - A method of meditation that combines knowledge of the Force with exercise. A Jedi might express this art by using Athletics to create a Meditation or Attuned to the Force aspect on himself.

Art of Movement - This is an exercise meant to train Jedi padawans. The goal is to hone their bodies as well as bring them closer to the Force. A young Jedi might participate in it with challenge or contest encounters.

Breath Control - A Jedi might use his training to control his breathing. Mysteries of the Force could be used to place a Breath Control aspect upon oneself to help resist the effect of airborne poisons and even vacuum.

Center of Being - Members of the Jedi Order might use Fight or Mysteries of the Force to enter a trance during combat to create a Center of Being aspect upon themselves that can be invoked for a bonus to defense rolls.

Detoxify Poison - Use the Detoxify Poison stunt of the Mysteries of the Froce skill.

Flashburn - Some Force-users my remove or "burn" away memories of a traumatic event. This might be done by using the Mind Attack skill upon oneself.

Force Body - Use the Force Body stunt of the Mysteries skill.

Force Enlightenment - You can unlock the full potential of the light side of the Force by obtaining the Force Enlightenment stunt of the Mysteries skill.

Force Ghost - Some Force users might live on, in a sense, after death. They would exist in a non-corporeal form and the high concept should be modified to reflect there new form. Jedi have been known to learn this technique and can avoid becoming one with the Force after death in order to continue some unfinished task. Sith have also mastered a technique to continue their existence beyond death, albeit in an incorporeal way. Other Force users may have found ways as well.

Force Healing - Light side users can call upon the Force to bring succor. Dark siders can feed on the pain and suffering of others. In either case, this power is best modeled by the Healing skill.

Force Speed - This burst of energy can be used to quickly overcome obstacles with speed or a leap. See the Surge stunt for Athletics.

Force Stealth or Buried Presence - Although the aims are similar, concealing one's presence can manifest in a couple different ways in Galactic Core. Force Stealth is a stunt of the Mysteries skill that allows one to use Mysteries in place of the Stealth skill, when defending against attempts to detect your movement or presence from mundane senses. Buried Presence allows use of the Mysteries skill in place of Deceive in order to hide one's nature to Force-related sense (such as to conceal a Sith hiding among Jedi). See the Mysteries skill for both of these stunts.

Hibernation Trance - This allows a Force user to enter a healing trance and is one of the basic uses of the Mysteries skill.

Morichro - This is like Hibernation Trance but can be used on others. See the Morichro stunt of the Mysteries skill.

Sense Powers[edit]

Farsight - This ability grants Force users the ability to sense when friends are in danger, to anticipate events across the galaxy and to examine the details of past events. While the last is best modeled using Postcognition, sensing when friends are in danger and anticipating events across the galaxy is the purview of the Farsight stunt under the Empathy skill.

Force Empathy - You can use the Force to extend your Empathy skill. See the stunt under Empathy.

Force Listening - See the Force Listening stunt for the Notice skill.

Force Meld - See the Battle Meditation stunt under the Mysteries skill.

Force Sight or Force Perception - This is considered a uniquely Miraluka Force skill unique to their species. See the stunt associated with their racial description. However at your discretion, you may allow other Force users to acquire the stunt.

Force Sense - This ability describes Force users' ability to sense the Force in others and to sense their environment. This is represented in part by the Mysteries skill and then with specific stunts such as Force Intuition, Force Warning, Force Gunnery, and Force Piloting, all available under the Mysteries skill.

Postcognition (also called Psychometry) - The ability to see what occurred in the past is represented with a [GC_Extra_-_Force_Skills#Postcognition|Force skill] of the same name.

Precognition, Battle Precognition, Force Visions - These might best be represented with an aspect as they are most often something you have or you do not; rarely can they be trained. Invoke the aspect in order to gain a hint from the GM, or in the case of Battle Precognition, for a bonus to various actions while in combat.

Shatterpoint - This rare talent describes the ability for a Force user to instinctively know the weak point in a target, be it biological or mechanical. This is best described with an aspect that can be invoked for a bonus to increase damage caused by a successful attack.

Telepathy - The ability to speak mind to mind. This is represented by the Telepathy skill.

  • Comprehend Speech - This is an extension of the Telepathy power and is represented by the stunt under the skill noted above.

Alter Powers[edit]

Alter Environment - You can use the Force to manipulate the environment. See the Alter Environment skill.

Animal Frienship - The ability to befriend animals is covered by the Beast Control stunt of the Provoke skill.

Battle Meditation - The ability to improve battle effectiveness is described by the stunt of the same name under the Mysteries Skill.

Dark Transfer - The ability to bring someone back from the dead is a stunt covered by the Healing skill.

Doppleganger - The ability to create an illusion of oneself so realistic that it can fool most sensors and droids. Basic use of Mysteries or Telekinesis can even emulate actions taken by an actual person. This effect can be achieved with the Force Illusions skill.

Drain Knowledge - This ability allows thoughts and memories to be gained directly from the mind of a victim. See the stunt under the Mind Attack skill.

Emerald Fire or "Electric Judgment - This ability can seem to Jedi to be dangerously close to the destructive Force Lightning unleashed by dark Force users. However, it has a draining effect, not a destructive one and is not powered by emotion. This maps to the Emanate Energy Force skill.

Force Bellow - This is using the Force to raise volume of your voice, even to destructive levels if need be. Often it is merely used to be heard or to startle. See the Force Bellow stunt of the Provoke skill.

Force Defend, Energy Absorption, etc - This ability to absorb damaging energy as well as other energies is modeled with the Energy Absorption skill along with its accompanying stunts.

Force Deflection - In this case we refer to the ability to escape harm from attacks without a lightsaber. This is probably best modeled using the Negate Energy Attack stunt of Energy Absorption.

Force Destruction - The dark side ability to unleash a huge amount of Force power to vaporize targets and harm everything in an area. Use Emanate Energy's Destruction stunt to pull this one off.

Force Drain - This deadly power generally refers to the ability of dark siders to drain the life out of victims. See the Energy Absorption skill's Drain Life and Distance Drain stunts.

Force Fear - Fear, Horror and Insanity can be inflicted by dark siders via the Mind Trick skill.

Force Illusion - The ability to manipulate the Force to create illusions is covered by the Force Illusions skill.

Force Jump -This ability is reflected with the Surge stunt of the Athletics skill.

Force Light - This power can combat the dark side directly. See the Sever Force skill.

Force Lightning, Chain Lightning, Force Shock, Force Storm - This is the classic dark side power. See the stunts under Emanate Energy.

Force Slow, Affliction - These powers simply slow down enemies. Affliction is a dark side variant that does the same thing but acts like a fast-acting poison. Use Emanate Energy.

Force Stun, Stasis - This unusual ability is represented with a stunt of the same name under the Emanate Energy skill.

Ionize - The ability to neutralize droids at range. Use Emanate Energy with the Ionize stunt to emulate this very effective (against droids) power.

Mind Trick, Projection, Mind Control, Force Confusion and other variants - are all easily modeled with the Mind Trick skill.

Plant Surge - This plant-manipulation power is covered by the stunt of the same name under Emanate Energy.

Protection Bubble - This power can be demonstrated by simply manipulating the Emanate Energy skill to use create an advantage actions to create defensive bubbles of energy.

Revitalize - This power removes physical stress reflecting exhaustion, minor wounds, etc. and so is well covered by the Healing skill.

Sever Force - This power cuts a Force user off from the Force. See the Sever Force skill.

Sith Alchemy - Study and use of the dark side can allow Sith to modify things and even creatures. See the Sith Alchemy stunt of the Lore skill.

Telekinesis, Rend, Wound, Choke, Kill, Lightsaber Throw, Saber Barrier, Telekinetic Combat, Levitation, Flight, Grip, Disarm, Push - See the Telekinesis skill and associated stunts. Grip, Disarm and Push don't have specific stunts since these functions can be covered with basic use of the Telekinesis skill.

Transfer Essence and Thought Bomb are examples of Force powers that are extremely powerful and dangerous and require rituals. They are the sort of things that are best described as challenges heroes should attempt to overcome before they are complete, not as powers that can be used directly in battle.