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This version of Star Wars using Fate is meant to use the Fate Core System rules. Refer to those rules for complete information on running Fate games. However, where appropriate, information from the Fate Core rules has been copied into this document for ease of reference.

Character Creation[edit]

Character creation in Star Wars is as described in Fate Core and the rules are not reproduced here, except for the following options.

Options and Extras[edit]

Characters in a Star Wars Fate game have the option to select a race other than human. This might open the way toward unique experiences. The Playable Races section illustrates aspects and stunts representative of each race that can be purchased during character creation.

In addition, some characters might be eligible to select special Force skills and stunts, provided they have a Force-related aspect. Others might gain access to special martial arts training or cybernetics by also taking aspects to indicate their training or artificial parts.

Playable Races[edit]


All races in Star Wars can speak Galactic Basic as well as their native tongue for free. More languages can be learned with the Lore skill.

Special Stunts[edit]

Claws. You have natural claws or teeth that provide a Weapon:2 bonus when you fight unarmed. This can combine with weapon bonuses from natural sources, such as stunts due to very high strength, but it doesn’t combine with bonuses provided by weapons.

Exceptional Hearing. Your ears are sensitive enough to pick sounds beyond the range of a typical humanoid. Gain +2 to Notice rolls involving the sense of hearing.

Gills. Your character can breathe under water.

Heightened Sense of Smell. Your sniffer is acute! Do to an extra-capable nose (or snout), you gain +2 to Notice rolls involving the sense of smell.

Incredible Strength. This ability costs two points of Refresh and an appropriate background aspect. You might possess incredible strength because of your species (named in an aspect), or due to cybernetic enhancements.

Infravision. You can see in the infrared spectrum. This is especially helpful at night (unless surrounded by things and people that all have the same ambient temperature). You may be able to reduce difficulties to overcome darkness or spot enemies by up to −2 if appropriate to the situation.

Night Vision. You can see in near total darkness. As long as some light exists, you can ignore penalties due to darkness or reduce difficulties due to darkness by up to −2.

Pheromones. You can use the Rapport skill in a completely nonverbal way.

Regeneration. Gain a +2 to overcome rolls to begin recovery of physical consequences. You do not need medical attention to begin this recovery.

Ultrasonic Spacial Sense. You can sense your surroundings with or without the aid of light. You suffer no penalties for being in darkness, nor will obstacles due to darkness be any barrier to you. However, you may be susceptible to intense ultrasonic frequencies. A compel against an aspect naming your species can take advantage of this weakness.



This is the default race in Star Wars.



These people call the frigid world of Arkania home. They often found to be arrogant and aloof, but are noted researcher and exemplary scientists. They frequently engage in genetic experimentation -- much to the detriment of entire species. They have even experimented upon their own species, creating a race of Arkanian Offshoots to serve as laborers. However, the view of Offshoots as slaves to be exploited is not universal even among Arkanians. Many regard the Offshoots as an example of the consequences of Arkanian corporate greed.

Arkanians are humanoids that appear to be near-humans. Arkanians have no visible iris or pupil and four, clawed fingers.

Common Aspects: Arrogant and Aloof, "I am the Superior Species!", Intellectual Reputation, Flash of Genius

Typical Stunts: May purchase Enhanced Vision - Infravision (Notice), Specialist [Choose a field of study] (Lore)

Arkanian Offshoots[edit]

Arkanian Offshoots

Genetic manipulation has left a distinctive mark on this subrace, leaving them with visible irises and pupils, pure white skin and five-fingered hands with no claws. Offshoots that have left Arcania are scattered across the galaxy, usually hiding in the lower levels of society.

Common Aspects: Confident, Short-lived

Typical Stunts: Hard Boiled (Will).



Fur-covered humanoids native to Bothawui. Bothans use information as a measure of wealth and power. They don't believe in direct conflict because it destroys people, material and even information. They prefer behind-the-scenes manipulation and gaining information they can use for status and influence. Although manipulative and irritating, most species maintain a connection to the Bothans in order to have access to their SpyNet.

Physically, they have fur that ripples in response to their emotional state. They have tapered ears and both male and female Bothans have beards. 

Common Aspects: Information is Power!, Irritating, Manipulative, Pacifist.

Typical Stunts: Ear to the Ground (Contacts), Hard Boiled (Will)




This cat-like humanoid species is proud, passionate and loyal. They are well known for their long-standing friendships and ferocity in battle. Their home planet of Cathar is a wild place with a variety of ecologies dominated by large insect predators. 

They have leonine features that vary from more human-looking to more cat-looking by individual. Males tend toward long manes, short beards and tusks while females have smaller manes and impressive fangs. Cathar range in color from light yellow to dark beige, occasionally accented with stripes.

Common Aspects: Passionate, Moral, Steadfast Companion

Typical Stunts: Ninja Vanish (Stealth), Claws.


Chiss [edit]


This tall, blue-skinned race is barely known to the rest of the galaxy. They have jet-black hair and red eyes that grow darker in the presence of oxygen-rich atmospheres. They hail from the planet Csilia and their only known ally has been the Sith Empire. Other than a heightened metabolism which also allows them to reach physical maturity in roughly half the time of humans, this race is otherwise biologically very similar to humans.

Common Aspects: Excellent Physique!, Heightened metabolism



These are a long-lived race from a largely secret world on the Outer rim. On their homeworld, they are ruled by haughty, spoiled aristocrats more interested in internal politics than galactic politics. They are fierce warriors who spend much of their time perfecting their skill. Draethos found offworld are usually exiles who decide not to become warriors. Because their society is slow to evolve, Draethos often have difficulty understanding the complex and relatively rapid changes in alien societies.

Draethos have lipless mouths with creates the impression of a large overbite. They have tightly muscled humanoid bodies and scaly skin that ranges in color from violet to grey. Their hands are claw-like, lending to a skeletal appearance.

Common Aspects for Draethos Exiles include: Avoid Combat, Book Smart, Natural Telepath, Socially Inept

Common Aspects for native Draethos include: Aggressive, Fierce, Natural Telepath

Typical Stunts: Night Vision, Tough as Nails (Physique)



Duros are tall, hairless humanoids from the Duro system and who were one of the first species to become a major influence in the Republic. They have a natural affinity for space travel and possess an innate grasp of the math involved with astronomical computations. There are many near-Duro species that have evolved in isolation on other worlds, such as the Neimoidians.

Duros average 1.8m in height. They have large eyes and wide, lipless mouths. Skin color ranges from blue-gray to deep azure.

Common Aspects: Adventurous, Mathematical Genius/Prodigy, Engineering Specialist, Ace Pilot, Self-sufficient.

Typical Stunts: Exemplary Navigator (Pilot), Specialist [Mathematics] (Lore)



This species is native to the planet Odryn, a world of extreme climates. It is a closed world unwelcoming to visitors. Feeorin grow stronger and more powerful until they die, dropping dead of old age. They are also long-lived. Those Feeorin who leave their homeworld usual take careers compatible with their self-serving and aggressive nature, while those at home display a greater range of personality types. Wherever they are found, however, they don't seek acquaintance with members of other species.

Feeorin are massive and greatly muscled humanoids standing over 2m tall. Skin tone varies from green to yellow to blue. They have half-meter tendrils that hang from the sides and backs of their head (but they are not related to the Twi'lek species). Their eyes are bright red.

Common Aspects: Aggressive, Brutal, Fights Dirty!, Self-serving

Typical Stunts: Tough as Nails (Physique), Take the Blow (Physique), Night Vision.



Natives of Gamorr, this species has a tendency toward violence that makes them valued as criminal enforcers. Though viewed as mindless brutes, they don't care so long as they are paid to fight. Their society revolves around endless wars between Gamorrean clans. They prefer melee combat rather since they tend to view guns as cowardly. Females of the species typically farm, hunt, and make weaponry. Their homeworld is of a pre-industrial tech level.

Gamorreans are green-skinned, porcine humanoids that stand about 1.8m tall. Their thick bodies contain powerful muscles. They have small, close-set eyes, a thick snout, tusks and a pair small horns.

Common Aspects: Brutish, Criminal Enforcer, Proud, Violent.

Typical Stunts: Take the Blow (Physique)



Peaceful and gentle ecologists, Ithorians are native to Ithor. They are often talented artists, agricultural engineers and diplomats. Their technology is devoted toward preserving the natural beauty of their homeworld. Apart from their "herd" cities on their homeworld, Ithorians have spread throughout the galaxy and can be found traveling in massive "herd" ships that carry replicas of their homeworld's jungle habitats.

Ithorians range from 1.8m to 2.3m tall, with long necks that curl forward. They have dome-shaped heads with a mouth on the left and right sides of their neck, which produces a stereo effect when they speak.

Common Aspects: Pacifist, Noted Ecologist, Gentle Preservationist

Special: Ithorians can purchase the Emanate Energy Force skill to reflect a powerful, concussive scream they can emit using their four throats. They can Invoke their racial aspect to gain a bonus on the attack roll and Force users can invoke Force-related aspects to increase it further. Remember that purchasing alien powers such as this requires the player to also take a minor weakness.

Offsetting this ability is the fact Ithorians are slower than the typical humanoid. A compel against the character’s Ithorian aspect can cause complications due to this. Also, Ithorians always act 2 points slower when determining initiative. This usually means that their Notice skill is read as 2 points lower than is listed on the character sheet for purposes of determining initiative.

Kel Dor[edit]

Kel Dor

Kel Dor originate from Dorin, a world with an unique atmosphere. Consequently, Kel Dor can't breathe any other atmosphere and must wear a special breath mask and goggles or suffocate and be blind.  The atmosphere of Dorin is also toxic to all other races. The masks also amplify their voice, or else they would have to shout in most atmospheres to be heard.

These humanoids stand between 1.6m and 2m tall. Their skin color ranges from peach to dark red and most have black eyes (though you can't usually see them through the goggles).

Common Aspects: Calm and Level-headed, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you", Justice Should be Swift! Sensitive to the Force

Special: The goggles grant them Night Vision as a free stunt that does not count toward the normal limit at character creation, but does count when calculating Fate Refresh. They carry the weakness in that, should the equipment be removed, the Kel Dor is considered to be Blind, and will also begin to suffocate. When suffocating, the character makes a Physique roll every exchange. The difficulty starts at +0 and increases by +1 every exchange. On a failure, the character suffers an automatic consequence. This continues until the character recovers his mask or is Taken Out.




These are one of the oldest species of the Republic. They are avid travelers and active colonizers. They respect planets already inhabited by native species or other colonists, however, and avoid worlds people with intelligent beings or highly predatory creatures. They are peace-loving, driven species that can become vindictive when impeded or crossed by an enemy. Despite peaceful ideals and a desire to resolve differences through political means, they display deviousness and vindictiveness when forced to war. 

Humans find Khil ghastly. Their skin is a sickly green and they have fleshy strands (hullepi) hanging in place of mouths. These hullepi allow the Khil to absorb nutrients in almost any environment that is not sterile.

Common Aspects: Dedicated to My Work, Highly Intelligent, Never Leave a Thing Undone, Peaceful Yet Vindictive


Kissai and Massassi[edit]

Kissai Massassi

These are two subspecies of the original Sith race of Korriban. Kissai are priests and spiritual leaders while the Massassi are the fierce warriors led by the Sith Lords. Massassi are ruthless, efficient soldiers that use traditional Sith weapons and armor. They are loyal, capable followers, but not brilliant.

The Kissai are just as ruthless, but are more intelligent and observant. Their culture demands they server their Sith masters well. The Kissai oversaw the movement and resettlement of the people to the planet Ziost (well before the Sith Lords arrived on Korriban).

Years after being altered by a Sith lord, Massassi taken by the Sith Lord Naga Sadow were destroyed by him on Yavin 4. Some remain and drifted back into service with the new Sith Empire while others drift into the dark fringes of society or seek revenge upon the Sith. The Kissai remained largely intact on Ziost.

Both Massassi and Kissai have glowing yellow eyes and crimson hides. They are humanoid with predatory features. Massassi are large, hulking beings while Kissai are of lighter build. Lanvarok staff weapons are not restricted for Kissai and Massassi.

Common Aspects for Kissai: Adaptable, Inspired by Leadership, Loyal Ally

Typical Stunts for Kissai: Danger Sense (Notice)

Common Aspects for Massassi: Bound to My Duty, Fearsome and Loyal, Formidable Warriors, Primitive

Typical Stunts for Massassi: Danger Sense (Notice), Tracker (Survival)



Miraluka are very similar to Humans in appearance, but for the lack of eyes. Instead, they have have a natural ability to see suing the Force. They tend to blend in with Humans when traveling the galaxy, wearing coverings such as veils or visors over their eye sockets. This entire species is Force-sensitive, which is an extreme rarity in the galaxy. Therefore, it is common for them to join the Jedi Order. Those not strong enough in the Force often will fill supporting roles. 

Common Aspects: Force Sensitive, Sees Through the Force, Thoughtful and Cautious

Typical Stunts: Force Perception - a special stunt that allows the Miraluka to use the Mysteries skill to "see" in place of Notice. This stunt is not available to other races. Note that all Miraluka have at least some connection to the Force and have the Mysteries skill. Without the skill, they would be blind.

Mon Calamari[edit]

Mon Calamari

These amphibian land-dwellers share their homeworld of the same name with Quarren, with whom they are often at odds. While soft-spoken, they will vigorously defend causes that inspire them. They are widely respected for their keen analytical and organizational abilities, and have a great reputation as ship builders. They see everything they create as a work of art.

Mon Calamari stand about 1.8m tall. They have domed heads, large eyes, a wide mouth, and smooth skin of mottled coloring.

Common Aspects: Soft-spoken, Political Activist, Analytical Mind

Typical Stunts: Mon Calamari are allowed to purchase Gills, Night Vision, and often possess Attention to Detail (Investigation).




This species shares their homeworld with the Mon Calamari. While the Mon Calamari live on the surface of the world, the isolationist Quarren live in oxygen-filled cities deep in their oceans. Offworld, they steer clear of politics and tend toward piracy, smuggling, and spying. They tend toward practicality and conservativeness. They hate change and distrust those who display optimism and idealism.

Quarren stand 1.8m tall and have leathery skin. Their heads resemble squids with four tentactles.

Common Aspects: "I hate change!", Practical, Conservative

Typical Stunts: Quarren may purchase Gills and Night Vision.




Rodians come from the hot, humid planet Rodia in the Tyrius system. Rodians evolved in a brutal environment that caused them to evolve a culture focused around "the hunt" and arts of violence and stalking. The more intelligent and dangerous the prey, the more the hunter respects it. Therefore, since joining the Republic, Rodians have come to regard bounty hunting as the most honorable profession in existence.

These beings have large, multifaceted eyes, a tapered snout and deep green skin. They typically stand 1.6m tall.

Common Aspects: Brutal Killer, Tenacious Hunter, Dedicated Bounty Hunter

Typical Stunts: Heightened Sense of Smell, Tracker (Survival)



Snivvians have suffered many hardships in the galaxy, producing some of the best artists and writers. Cadomai Prime, the Snivvian homeworld, is very cold with long winters, which forced the Snivvians to live for extended periods underground. Early in their development as a star-faring race, they were beset by Thalassian slavers that nearly destroyed their culture. The Republic stepped in to stop the practice and have continued to help the Snivvians protect themselves from lesser threats. They are currently still rebuilding the damage done by the slavers and other threats. 

Snivvians are short, have tough skin and sparse hair. They have a large snout and canines projecting from the lower jaw. 

Common Aspects: Artistic, Insightful, Resistant to Cold, Smaller Than Usual

Typical Stunts: Heightened Sense of Smell, Tracker (Survival)



Sullustans evolved in the caves of their homeworld, Sullust, due to the high degree of volcanic activity there. This planet possesses highly evolved cities of such beauty that it is an attractive place for galactic tourists. Living underground allowed them to develop acute senses which have contributed to their renown as navigators and pilot. These friendly people enjoy interacting with unique, unusual and interesting beings. The widely known SoroSuub manufacturing company is Sullustan and is in fact so powerful, it has become the government for Sullust.

Sullustans have large round eyes, big ears and jowls. They stand about 1.5m tall.

Common Aspects: Pragmatic, Gregarious, Practical Joker

Typical Stunts: Sullustans are allowed to purchase Infravision and Exceptional Hearing. They also commonly have Exemplary Navigator (Pilot).



Togruta call the planet Shili home. They are carnivorous pack hunters equipped with sharp incisors and a highly developed sense of spatial awareness, likely due to special hollow horns.

Togruta have an oval humanoid face flanked by striped, curved horns and three or four head tails. Their skin coloring ranges from orange to red with unique white patterns adorning their faces. Their limbs have red and white stripes.

Common Aspects: Perceptive and Attentive, Social and Outspoken, Prefer the Company of Others

Typical Stunts: Ultrasonic Spacial Sense.



Trandoshans are knowns for their great strength and warlike natures. Many dedicate themselves to martial training, while others follow the path of the hunter. They come from the world of Trandosha and have a long-standing enmity with Wookiees. 

Trandoshans are between 1.8m and 2.1m tall and have tough, scaly hides. Their eyes are extremely sensitive, able to perceive well into the infrared range. They shed their skins several times throughout their lifteimes and are capable of regenerating lost limbs, but their clawed hands aren't given to fine manipulation. 

Common Aspects: Brutal, Clawed Hands, Competitive, Driven

Typical Stunts: Trandoshans are allowed to purchase Infravision, Tough as Nails (Physique), Take the Blow (Physique) and Regeneration.



These people come from the dry, phase-locked world of Ryloth. There are a number of sub-species but they share the traits of being tall and possess the distinctive "head tails" or lekku that grow from the back of their heads. Twi'lek tend to be sly, calculating beings that prefer to avoid trouble. Their entrepreneurial spirits often lead them to positions of influence such that Twi'lek ambassadors and business executives are no less common than shady crime lords and smugglers.

Twi'lek range from 1.6m to 2m tall. Skin coloring includes white, green, blue red, and orange, but other colors are possible.

Common Aspects: Charismatic, Discrete, Sly and Calculating, Weak-willed

Typical Stunts: Lies upon Lies (Deceit), Striking Looks (Rapport) and Night Vision.



Wookiees are widely recognized to the one of the strongest and fiercest intelligent species in the galaxy. They hail from the world Kashyyk. They tend to be honorable and loyal. Wookiee tradition describes a special bond called the honor family and the sacred pledge called the life debt. Wookiees possess claws, but use them only for climbing -- to use them in combat is considered dishonorable and a sign of madness.

These beings have fur from head to foot and range from 2m to 2.3m in height.

Common Aspects: Code of Honor, Impatient with Diplomacy, Impulsive, Life Debt, Loyal to the End, Wookiee Rage

Typical Stunts: Hardcore Parkour (Athletics), and Incredible Strength.




Zabrak come from the harsh world of Iridonia where they built an iron resolve to survive. They have been spacefarers since the Republic was young. They are a proud and confident people.

These humanoids possess distinctive patterns of vestigial horns. The average Zabrak stands 1.8m tall.

Common Aspects: Dedicated, Exceptionally Tough, Intense and Focused, Proud and Confidant, Single-Minded

Typical Stunts: Danger Sense (Notice), Tough as Nails (Physique), Indomitable (Will).




This near-human race has skin and hair that range from pink to red to black.  Some even have blue hair. They are considered attractive by human standard. Invoke the Zeltron racial Aspect to gain a bonus on Rapport or Empathy rolls due to their inborn empathic ability.

Zeltrons also produce pheromones which has an effect they can take advantage of. Zeltrons gain access to the Pheromones Skill (SA 254) and are considered to have a skill of at least Mediocre (+0).

Because Zeltrons are often perceived as carefree and even morally "loose", this racial Aspect may be Compelled in this way.

Common Aspects: Sexy/Handsome or Alluring, Insightful

Typical Stunts: Zeltrons also produce pheromones which has an effect they can take advantage of. Zeltrons gain access to the Pheromones stunt. The Striking looks (Rapport) stunt is also commonly purchased.