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Cassandra's club. Originally belonged to a fae named Simon, it was a fabrication shop/small factory. It has since been several other things, most recently a failed bar and grill. Simon updated the interior, soundproofed it, and redecorated using moneys provided by Cassandra. When he left management and ownership fell to her.

From the outside, it's a dark brick building, standing over a collection of shops. The interior is done in glass blocks that house LCD displays that are capable of changing colors in rippling patterns, random flashes, or clips of video. They're programmed to follow along with the music and to create a mysterious, phantasmagoric atmosphere.

First Floor

Second Floor


The Black Out Lounge is a special dance floor lit only by blacklights. There are nightvision cameras and security guys with night-sight optics to keep things from getting out of hand.


Glasshouse is a dance club, rather than a concert club, so most of the music is recorded and presented by live DJs. The stage can be set up for live performance, mostly of dance bands.


Monday: Local DJs, occasional guest DJs

Tuesday: Local DJs, occasional guest DJs ; Ladies of Pain: "Naughty Nurses" get in free.

Wednesday: Mythic Rocks — Local acts — Simon, who is a fair musician himself, might play from time to time.

Thursday: Sanctuary — Goth and Darkwave music. The scary kids come out to play.

Friday: Live Entertainment or local DJs, occasional guest DJs

Saturday: Live Entertainment or local DJs, occasional guest DJs

Sunday: Sanctuary