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Also called gobblins or goblyns, these fae creatures are said to have once been mortals. Greedy and with a distinctive love for money (the precious metal kind, not the paper kind), goblins are believed to be the descendants of corrupt mortals exposed to the magic of of the Fae Realm, or the influence of the Sidhe. They tend toward green skin and range in size from two to four and a half feet tall. Hair tends toward black, but males are often balding or completely bald. Malicious and selfish, they are especially dangerous because they are sometime capable of wielding powerful fae magic.

In terms of behavior, exceptions do exist. It's possible for a goblin to have a pleasant disposition. In this case, they might be called "gutter elves".

Goblins, because of their frequent affinity for Faerycraft, are often commissioned to create enchanted item and even hand-built "creatures". Their speed and skill in crafting such things often makes the high price they charge worth it.

Common Aspects

High Concept: Greedy Goblin Engineer
A Mad Genius When It Comes to Crafting
I'm Hungry and the Menu Includes Other Fae
"Let's Make a Deal!"



Crafting Savant
Choose a one type of thing the character excels in faery-crafting. When creating something of that type, the character gains a +2 to Faerycraft rolls to do so.]]

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