Gwaith en'Vanima

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This group is often mistaken for a cult that is some secret arm of the High Priestess of Vanima'du, but this is incorrect. It is in fact an independent, though secretive group with members embedded within brothels, as trusted servants to nobles, and advisors, across the city of Khelekeska. Unlike the Veiled Society, their goal is not simply for profit or the sale of information, nor is assassination on their agenda. Instead, they watch, listen and gather information. When the leader, known only as the Obsidian Courtesan, needs politics to move in the direction she needs, a few whispered hints is all it usually takes for someone of importance to take notice of a critical matter.

The High Priestess of Vanima'du knows this group is acting outside her control and would very much like to change that. She would be considered very… traditional in her view of who Vanima'du is and what she should represent. The Gwaith do not share that point of view, a difference that is the source of great irritation for the high priestess.

Yet despite the misgivings of the high priestess and fears of others, the group has made only positive changes. It's first priority is to protect its own members, who are all people in service or servant positions. The Gwaith have known to cause considerable mischief for abusive nobles, thereby winning the support of common folk. While members of this group venerate Vanima'du, it is usually done in secret. Most of the members are elves.

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