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Hags are powerful fae, even Sidhe Ladies, that appear as an old woman. Many are thought to be evil and twisted, but some are thought to be simply the form an ancient fae power takes when needed. For example, the Sidhe Lady known as the goddess Morrigan, sometimes appears as a hag.

Whatever they are, hags are always very power and adept with fae magic. Hags are sometimes related to the elements, commanding weather and especially storms. Others are connected to water. All are considered capable of bestowing blessings, or more often, curses. Many are also capable of using Glamour magic to change their shape or create an illusion of beauty in order to attract prey.

Hags most often are born of other hag mothers, but sometimes a witch (a female spellslinger) might sell her looks or soul to a powerful fae in exchange for power. They tend toward cannibalism, but a favored captive might be made a slave instead of a meal until the hag tires of them.

When hags are members of a faery court, it is usually the Unseelie Court.

Common Aspects

High Concept: An Twisted Mistress of Fate and [Water, Air, the Sea or combinations thereof]
A Nightmare Given Flesh



Wicked-sharp Claws
Capable of rending steel, it's always dangerous to be in the grip of a hag. The hag gains the Weapon:2 stress bonus when making a successful attack action.
Shape Changing
The hag is able to take on other forms, usually of animals, but possibly also that of a beautiful woman. They have a number of extra forms in their repertoire equal to the level of their Glamour skill. Changing shape requires an overcome action against a Fair (+2) difficulty and grants access to abilities the form naturally has (although the hag cannot rearrange her skills).
Unseelie Curse
The hag can use her power over Fate to curse others using a create an advantage action. This bestows a lasting aspect that might be difficult for the target to remove.
Elemental Resilience
The hag's form is tied to whatever element it has affinity to, thereby gaining +1 extra physical stress box.

Hags are dangerous fae and usually should be Named level characters. They work alone, or in very small groups of no more than three. If working alone, consider granting them a peak skill two levels higher than the current skill cap for PCs. Hags should be deadly foes when they are enemies.

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