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  1. Create a new wiki page and then put in {{FatePC as the first entry. Insert a couple lines and place a couple end braces "}}" at the bottom of the page. If you click preview, you'll see the template with all the variables shown.
  2. Put a bar "|" on a blank line, followed by variable name and an equal sign "=". Set the variable to whatever you need it to be. You can format the text with wiki code, if you like. You can even do new lines. When you are ready to define the next variable, just start a new line with a "|" and set another variable. (You don't strictly have to put that bar on a separate line. It's recommended for redability here.)
  3. When you get to Stunts, you can either type them all out, or you can insert the Stunt template to have that page handle the formatting for you. You can safely nest a template inside the FatePC template, and you can do that as many times as you like.
  4. The Extras variable might include anything you like there. You can use the Stunt template if you like for some extras, or do whatever you like for the rest. You might even just use this area for notes.

Physical and Mental stress have a default of ❑❑. You may find it convenient to enter these stress boxes at the top, replacing them with x's as they are used. It does not matter where you define the variables -- they will be put in the correct place by the template. The stress variables are PhyStress and MenStress.

Finally, you can set the extra consequence variable and the consequences taken variable to nothing or a blank space so that the variable name disappears. You may find it helpful to define these near the top of your character data along with your stress boxes so you can find them easily. You may find the following helpful to copy and paste into a new wiki page. All you would need to do then is fill out the variables.

<!-- You may find the following unicode characters useful.  
    Box character = ❑
    Checked box = ☒
    Checkmark = ✓




|High Concept=


|Stunts={{Stunt| Name= | Description= }}
{{Stunt| Name= | Description= }}
{{Stunt| Name= | Description= }}